Design Crowd reviews

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing design platform with over 800,000 creators ready to get started on your project. From logos to T-shirts and everything in-between, the platform claims to provide the best quality graphic design at a fraction of the price. But do they live up to this promise? In our DesignCrowd review, we take a comprehensive look to give you the answer.

DesignCrowd offers a huge variety of graphic design services, including logos, web design, print design, product and merchandise design, art and illustration, and much more.

Start by posting your project on the platform and completing a short creative brief. Then, select and pay for a package.

The pricing starts at $99 for 1-3 design options by one designer. If you want an unlimited number of creatives bidding on your project, you’re looking at $319. There are also upgrades like express turnaround, private project, or hiring top-rated talent.

DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs

Advantages & Disadvantages

Affordable, high-quality designs are the platform’s main advantage. With their large designer community, they can cater to virtually any graphic design need. Sourcing designs from multiple contractors means more options and more creativity. And, if you’re unhappy with the results, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

But the platform does have some downsides. Their platform could stand to be more user-friendly, with a more precise explanation of the pre-paid packages. The same goes for their help center, though the customer service is responsive and efficient.

Overall, though, DesignCrowd is a solid choice for both value and quality of the designs.

Now, let’s dive into a more comprehensive look at the platform features, client testimonials, pros, cons, and more.

Platform Features

DesignCrowd will help you source any type of graphic design work with services in all of the following categories:

  • Logo & Branding – from logo creation to custom stationery.
  • Web Design – WordPress, eCommerce platforms, and more.
  • App Design – Android and iOS.
  • Digital Marketing – banners, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Print design – from flyers and posters to restaurant menus, catalogs, and even magazines.
  • Product & Merchandise – T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, product labels, and more.
  • Art & Illustration – book and album covers, character design, illustrations, even mascot design.
  • Outdoor & Signage – billboards, trade show booths, car wrap designs, etc.
  • Other – Photoshop, 3D design, vectors, etc.

Their services cover virtually every graphic design need your business might have. To date, there have been 23 million designs uploaded to the platform, proving that their talent has experience with all sorts of projects.


DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs

Most Popular Services

Logo design is the most in-demand service on the platform, with over 102,000 successful projects – you can flip through them here. Clients have praised the speed, professionalism, and high-value end-result they got using the service.

Other popular services include business cards, flyers, and T-shirt designs, as well as web design services.

How to Submit Your Project


DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs

Here’s the main disadvantage I noticed was that it’s not an intuitive platform. Submitting your project is easy, sure. But there are some hidden tricks to getting the most of the service – and for a discounted price. Here is how you get the best designs at the lowest price:

Step 1: Select the Type of Design You Need

On the homepage, click “Get Started Now” and select your design category. You can also post your project, selecting “Categories” and opening the page for this type of design. Scroll down the page to view completed projects in this category.

Step 2: Add a Creative Brief

You only have to provide the project name, a short description, and any relevant files you have. However, the creative brief can be the difference between receiving 5 and 500 submissions. Spend some time on this section. The more precise and detailed your instructions are, the easier it will be for designers to get it right. Try adding some company background to help their designers understand your vision. The result will be tailored to your unique brand much better.

Step 3: Select Pricing Plan

In the final step, you’ll have to choose the plan and add-ons for the project. But, pricier plans aren’t necessarily better. Ask yourself:

Do I have time to sort through designs? With more expensive options, you can get hundreds of options. But sorting through 275 submissions isn’t the only way to get the best design. The contest plans come with unlimited revisions – this way, you’ll save time, energy, and money while still getting the project exactly right.

Also, consider: Can you add the service as an upgrade? For example, if you want a logo and business cards, you can pay US$434 for 100+ options and free business card design and printing. You can also choose the US$254 plan and the business card design ($59) and printing ($20) add-ons. It comes out much cheaper, at $353.


Overall, DesignCrowd provides excellent value for your money, with pricing plans starting at $99. Since they all give you copyright ownership over the winning design, you can get custom work for any commercial project and pay under $100. Compare that to ad agencies, where the same service can cost thousands of dollars – and take much longer to complete.

What’s more, all their plans come with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the result. You will receive all industry-standard files, including vectors, high-quality PNG and JPG, web-friendly versions, and source files.

Finally, no matter which plan you choose, you can invite your favorite designers at no extra cost. That doesn’t guarantee they’ll want to bid on your project, though. To ensure top talent is working on your design, go for the project upgrade (more on that in a bit).

DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs

1-3 Designs for $99

This plan is the lowest price-point you can expect. It includes:

  • One designer working on your project
  • 1-3 submissions to choose from
  • Up to 3 revisions of the original submission

6+ Designs for $190

The second-tier plan includes:

  • Three designers submitting their proposals
  • 6+ design options 
  • Unlimited revisions

Arguably, unlimited revisions are the most significant advantage here. With this option, you can get the end product just right.

50+ Designs Plan for $254

With this option, your project will be available for the entire community of 800,000+ creators. You will receive:

  • Submissions by an unlimited number of designers
  • 50+ designs 
  • Unlimited revisions

Depending on the project, you can get hundreds of design proposals. To increase the number of relevant submissions, make sure you provide clear instructions and add feedback once the first designs start coming in.

100+ Designs Plans Starting at $434

With these plans, your project gets highlighted on the DesignCrowd page. Not only do you receive more submissions, but you’ll also attract higher-ranking designers (since the project budget is higher).

The 100+ designs plan costs $434. Apart from the project highlight, it also includes business card design and printing.

The 150+ designs plan is $674. Your project will appear as both highlighted and featured. This plan also comes with 500 business cards, customized with your logo, and delivered for free.

Project Upgrades

The platform offers these add-ons to customize and improve your design project.

Express Turnaround

Do you need the work done ASAP? DesignCrowd has you covered with affordable express project options:

  • $29 for three-day delivery
  • $49 for two days
  • $79 for a 24-hour turnaround.

DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs

More Privacy

For an additional $29, you can hide your project from search engines. This private project feature protects you from competitors, keeping your company information safe.

Do you also want designers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement? The NDA & Private Project service is $49, and it ensures creatives sign the NDA before accessing your project information.

Top-Rated Talent

If you choose the top designer upgrade, the DesignCrowd team will hand-pick the most successful designers on the platform and invite them to work on your project. With this $50 add-on, you ensure you attract the best-rated talent to create your custom design, and you get the highest quality results.

Project-Specific Add-Ons

Depending on the project, there are other upgrades, too. For example, logo projects have a business card and stationery design add-ons for $59 and $79, respectively.

If you’re getting business cards designed, I highly recommend the business card printing service. For just $20, you get 250 cards printed and shipped to your door. Best of all, the offer also includes free standard delivery and a discount for a larger quantity.

Pros Vs. Cons

Is crowdsourcing graphic design worth your money? Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefits are:

  • Affordable pricing starting at just $99 for a custom product.
  • Designers compete for the project money, which means they’re motivated to give you the best quality.
  • There are over 800K creatives currently on the platform.
  • Posting a project is a quick and straightforward three-step process.
  • You’ll receive multiple submissions to choose the one that fits just right.
  • A full range of graphic design needs – from logos and business cards to T-shirts and flyers.
  • You can get your project finished in as little as 24 hours.
  • All plans come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The main advantage of working with DesignCrowd is simple. You don’t just get one option. Instead, creatives from all over the world contribute ideas to your project.

However, the platform still has some disadvantages:

  • Finding your way around the platform isn’t intuitive. It took me way too long to find information on their pricing plans.
  • The help center isn’t very user-friendly, either. On the plus side, when I tried contacting customer support, they responded within hours.

Ultimately, the perks outweigh the disadvantages by a long shot.

While you could get lower prices by working with an independent contractor, crowdsourcing the design means higher quality and more options. DesignCrowd also offers peace-of-mind that your project will come out just right – their packages include revisions and a full money-back guarantee.

Secret Features Review

To get the most check out these hidden features. They will help you save money while still getting the best quality.



DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs

Yes, they do offer discounts and coupons. To find them, go to the main page and scroll down to the bottom. In the “Popular Pages” section, find “DesignCrowd discount.” You will find all the active coupons, offers, and codes in one place. Best of all, once you click them, the platform applies them to your project automatically.

Invite Top Designers for Free

The top designer upgrade costs $50. But, you can invite talent for free.

Before posting your project, go to the main page and select the “Designers” menu. Let’s say you want a packaging designer – select the designer type and browse through all relevant freelancer profiles. You can sort designers by their earnings, rating, the number of projects won, and more.

Click on the designer profile to learn more about them. You can browse through their portfolio, see their feedback score, and purchase one-on-one services. Or, click the “Invite This Designer” button to invite them to your project.

While the invitation doesn’t guarantee the designer will participate, it gets the top talent to notice your project. And, unlike the add-on, it’s an entirely free function.

Free and Paid Alternatives

While DesignCrowd is one of the best options for affordable custom designs, it’s far from the only one. For my DesignCrowd review, I also considered the alternatives you can try. Here are some of the best options and how they stack up:

Free Alternatives

Nothing beats $0 – but you do get what you pay for. Free alternatives might have restrictions on commercial use, limited customization options, and lower overall quality. Still, if you’re on a tight budget, here are some options to consider:

  • The Wix logo maker uses AI to create a custom logo for you. Answer a few simple questions and get the final product in seconds. Then, you can fine-tune the logo with the Wix editor. To use it commercially, though, you have to choose one of their paid plans. With Wix, you can do much more than logos – learn more about their website builder here.
  • Canva is an intuitive, beginner-friendly graphic design platform. You can DIY logos, print designs, social media graphics, and much more. Plus, they have a wide variety of free elements to add. But, since other people might use the same template, your designs might look very similar.
  • Shopify offers a range of free business tools, among them a free logo maker. With them, you can export and use your logo commercially. However, you’re still using ready-made templates, not to mention the time you spent working on the design.

There are other free alternatives – FreeLogoDesign, LogoMkr, and Graphic Springs among them. With these logo-makers, though, you still have to pay to download your final design. Their prices are low, yes, but you don’t get the same quality or unique results that your brand deserves.

From other crowdsourcing sites to affordable independent contractors, here are other custom graphic design services to consider:

  • Fiverr is a freelance platform where designers charge as little as $5. You hire a designer one-on-one – the turnaround time, number of options, and revisions you get all depend on the designer and service you choose. For such a low price, though, you can get surprisingly high-quality work – and for virtually all types of graphic design work!
  • 99designs is DesignCrowd’s direct competitor, offering the same contest-based business model. They charge more, though, with the lowest-tier of subscription at $299 – three times more than the cheapest DesignCrowd option.
  • TailorBrands is a popular AI-based design tool. They are known best for the logo generator, but you can also get web design, social media graphics, and some limited print design options. TailorBrands is cheaper than hiring a designer and more customizable than other automatic options. But, you still have to DIY the work, which is arguably less efficient than hiring a professional.

Check out more design software reviews here.


DesignCrowd Review: Crowdsourcing All Your Design Needs


Here are the answers to the most common questions people have about the platform:

How Much Does DesignCrowd Cost?
Plans start at $99 and go up to $674. With more expensive plans, you get more submissions, and you’re more likely to attract top designers. There are also add-ons like express delivery (starting at $29), private project ($29), adding a non-disclosure agreement ($49), and more.

How Do I Run a Logo Contest?
Submit your project by filling out a short creative brief. Then, choose and pay for your plan. You can expect the first submissions to start rolling in within a day. To increase the number of options, give clear instructions, and provide feedback on how designers can improve their work.

How Much Should I Pay Someone to Design a Logo?
Custom-made logos start at $99 with full commercial rights and a money-back guarantee. There are cheaper alternatives, such as hiring a freelancer on Fiverr, but you won’t have the same options.

Is DesignCrowd Good for Designers?
Over 800,000 creatives are working on the platform. However, the one thing to keep in mind is that designers are paid only if they win a client contest. That could mean putting in work, without getting compensated. On the plus side, the competitive model ensures that clients get the highest quality work at a competitive price.

Psst, are you a freelance creative looking for a safe, reliable way of getting paid on the Internet? We recently reviewed nine PayPal alternatives – check them out here.


Custom graphic design gives you the unique edge your brand deserves. With ad agencies charging thousands of dollars, DesignCrowd is a better value alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality. By crowdsourcing your projects, you can get thousands of designers working on them. Then, you simply pick the best option for your needs.

So, our DesignCrowd review verdict is clear: Whether it’s logos, flyers, or T-shirts, DesignCrowd is a great source for custom-made designs.

Try Design Crowd here

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