Pictogram is an app that lets you customize the icons for macOS. It is made for macOS 11.0, a.k.a. Big Sur, or a newer version of macOS. The highlighting feature of this app is that it can keep the custom icons even after the apps update.

Pictogram has a neat and clean user interface, making it a solid option to consider if you’re looking to get custom icons for macOS.

Who made it?

Pictogram is a side project from Neil Sardesai. Sardesai is an iOS engineer at Butterfly, a company that provides body imaging software solutions.

Who is it for?

Pictogram is for macOS users that want app icon customizations that don’t reset with every update. Any macOS user with a Mac that is running macOS 11.0 and later can use the app.

Key features 

  • Automatic app listing  — Pictogram scans lists all available apps on your Mac available for icon customization, with a search function
  • Select Custom Icon  — Browse your files and select the image you want to use as the app icon
  • Live app icon preview — See how your custom icon looks in different sizes
  • Restore Original Icon — Restore the original icon of your app with a single click

What does it cost?

Pictogram is currently in version 0.10, and completely free to use.

What are the makers saying?

“ I love customizing app icons, but an annoying thing with using your own icons on macOS is that whenever an app updates itself, any custom icon you’ve set gets reverted. So I thought I’d fix that.” Neil Sardesai, Creator, Pictogram.

What are people saying? 

One of those things that you are not aware you desperately need.” Mehmet Alpsoy, Game Designer, Fusee.

Check out Pictogram, now.

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