3D Characters & Illustrations Set from ByPeople is a collection of detailed and high-resolution 3D illustrations and characters for any and all purposes. Not only are they high-quality, but they’re also available with different ethnicities and professions.

They’re available for download as individual files with transparent backgrounds and a 4000px square resolution.

Who made it?

3D Characters & Illustrations Set is from ByPeople, a marketplace that sells graphical elements like fonts, themes, icons, as well as plugins and freebies, and premium packs. The development is lead by Juan Sarmiento, who is also the founder of iconshock and Artify.

Who is it for?

3D Characters & Illustrations Set from ByPeople is for anybody looking for high-resolution elements for their design needs, especially character-based elements.

Key features 

  • 49 characters/illustrations — A sum total of 49 elements in the set
  • Trendy 3D illustration style — A refreshing 3D style for the characters that does not feel out-of-place
  • Available in transparent PNG format — Use the graphics as you needed, with transparent background that makes them easy to edit
  • High resolution, 4000x4000px — Get high-resolution images for seamless editing
  • Huge variety of professions and ethnicities — 3D characters in multiple professions/ethnicities to choose from

What does it cost?

  • Free — 5 3D illustrations, 1000px resolution, personal use
  • Complete Pack — $19, 49 3D illustrations in transparent and blurred background, 4000px resolution, license for 10 users, and commercial use
  • ByPeople Pack — $49, Complete pack, plus over 100 design packs from ByPeople
  • Full Design Bundle  — $99/year or $149 lifetime, ByPeople Pack, plus the full iconshock collection, and specials

What are the makers saying?

“This new pack is a collection of very detailed, high resolution 3D illustrations you can use for all kinds of projects, 3D compositions, landings, social media creations and more…

You can download them in large, 4000x4000px files with transparent backgrounds so you can place them on your projects easily.

Each character is delivered in a separate file, and there are tons of different professions and ethnicities represented in this collection” Juan Sarmiento, Creator, 3D Characters & Illustrations Set.

What are people saying? 

Again, Juan and the team did it! These illustration are wonderful as all their product line. All styles and trends are covered. These people do care and I personally vouch for them!” Armand Mazaheri.

Check out 3D Characters & Illustrations Set from ByPeople, now. 

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