Product Disrupt 2.0 App: A Collection of the Best Product Design Resources

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Sometimes you just need things to be easy. During the learning or research process, getting lost down a rabbit hole is common. Five hours passing by in a flash, happens all the time. A thousand tabs, a thousand bookmarks, and misspent energy trying to catalog the best learning resources while ignoring the useless ones.

In the age of self-teaching and remote learning, a one-stop-shop of finely curated resources is just what we need. Step forward Product Disrupt 2.0.

What is it? 

The updated version of a previous iteration; Product Disrupt 2.0 is a time-saver, a guide, and a resource center all in one. It provides the best-crated design learning resources the internet has to offer, all in one place. 

Each category in your DIY design education is here, broken down into manageable sections that cover categories such as designers, portfolios, chrome extensions, and general inspiration. 

Need a comprehensive list of design blogs? Look no further. Want to know the best design communities where you can gather ideas and ask advice? That is here, too. The team behind this web app really did think of everything.

Make your design learning experience as smooth and efficient as possible with Product Disrupt 2.0.

Product Disrupt 2.0 App: A Collection of the Best Product Design Resources

Who made it?

It’s a passion project of one man, Darshan Gajara. He transitioned from an education in engineering to freelancing as a self-taught product designer. The many questions on how he managed it lead him to realize that there is a definite demand for a curated product design learning resource app. 

Who is it for?

Aimed at anyone who is learning product design online, or people that are just interested in design, period. This web app is perfect for those people who are learning a new skill in their spare time while also holding down a 9 to 5. 

Key features 

  • New and updated design – The new design helps make the resources stand out and allows for more logical navigation. 
  • 16 resource categories – A comprehensive collection of resources such as blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and designers.
  • Improved navigation – Responsive nav menus make it easy to consume across all media devices. 
  • Dedicated ‘about’ and ‘newsletter’ pages – The designer shares his story and the history behind how a side project became one of the top-rated products on Product Hunt. 

What does it cost?

Nothing. Product Disrupt 2.0 is absolutely free and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

What are the makers saying?

“It’s the internet age and we no longer need to go to an expensive school to educate ourselves about design. There are enough good folks out there who have created resources for everyone to benefit from.” Product Disrupt

What are people saying? 

“This is a really valuable resource! I’ll be diving into a lot of these links that I have not come across before. Amanda Wedow – User.

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