Webshot is a website concept generating Figma plugin that creates an instant mockup for any website. It only asks for a URL, a background color, and a purpose, and instantly generates a mockup.

Webshot can create a screenshot mockup only, however, and not a full-blown interactive HTML landing page.

Who made it?

Webshot is from Bereket Semagn, a 12-year-old developer, designer, and entrepreneur, based in Toronto, Canada. He notes that his focus is on creating tools that help others get work done.

Who is it for?

Webshot is for anybody that wants to make a quick mockup of their website ideas, but doesn’t want to put in any work from the get-go, and doesn’t need a functioning prototype. It’s not meant for users looking to create landing pages or quick websites.

Key features 

  • Enter a URL — Specify the URL of the website you want a mockup for
  • Customize background color — Use Hex code to specify a custom background color for your mockup
  • Specify a purpose — Select the purpose you’re using the mockup for
  • Quick processing — Get a mockup ready within seconds

What does it cost?

Webshot is completely free to use. There are plans to release a subscription plan in the future for users that want more features.

What are the makers saying?

“Super excited to be releasing Webshot today. I’ve been working on the Figma plugin for this and have been sharing it with a few people but decided recently to turn it into a web application and release that first. I will be releasing the Figma plugin of this very soon, the development of it has been almost completed.” Bereket Semagn, Creator, Webshot.

What are people saying? 

Interesting topic. Good luck with the product!” Max Prilutskiy, Typeform.

Check out Webshot, now.

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