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vsChat: Chat With Developers Worldwide using VS Code

vsChat is a VS Code extension for developers to chat with other VS Code developers around the world. It’s built as an extension for VS Code and integrates a flexible chatroom right within VS Code. vsChat operates like a live Stack Exchange where you can connect with other developers for help with projects, collaborations, and other interactions. Who made it? vsChat is from Adem Kouki, a student and web developer... Manage All Your Online Ads in One Place

by is an application that lets you manage all your advertisements for multiple platforms, in one place. It integrates your advertising campaigns from multiple platforms into a single dashboard, so you can focus on getting your campaigns to deliver, instead of switching between platforms. currently integrates Facebook and Google Ads, with TikTok ads integration coming soon. Who made it? is from a team that aims to help reduce...

2020 Year in Review by CodersRank: See the Coding Stats for the Year

2020 Year in Review by CodersRank brings together all the coding insights for the year. Depicting the year 2020 in coding stats, it has stats for users’ CodersRank accounts. In addition, it also has coding stats for the whole world, individual countries, and some fun insights into how 2020 was for coding.  2020 Year in Review is presented in a bunch of neat and clean-looking infographics. Who made it? 2020...

Webdesign Toolbox: Find The Perfect Web Development Tools

Webdesign Toolbox is a human-curated collection of web design resources. It has the best selections of web design apps, tools, and other resources for web designers, developers and strategists. Webdesign Toolbox helps users narrow down their pick of web designing resources and cut down the overall development time. Webdesign Toolbox also has a plain and simple design with the tools and resources being the sole focus. Who made it? Webdesign...

Top 5 Project Management Tools

Project management tools are crucial for workflows that involve collaborations of a lot of teams. Good project management tools help organize workplaces, ensure speedy collaboration, and help everyone involved stay in the loop. Having detailed information and control over the workflow in a single place can save a lot of time and effort. Here are our top 5 project management tools. 1. Trello Trello is a project management tool that...

WP Umbrella: Monitor your uptime, performance, and PHP errors in one place

WP Umbrella is an all-in-one performance monitoring tool for WordPress. It is a WordPress plugin that can check the website for errors, and stand by for constant monitoring. It has multiple checks for website health, performance, and uptime monitoring, as well as PHP errors that arise from installing new plugins and themes. WP Umbrella also has a notification system that can be set up with email or Slack, to notify...

Google Tables: Optimize and Automate Your Workflow

Google Tables is a workflow management and automation tool. Built for teams and businesses, Tables is a middle ground between spreadsheets and databases. It promises the ease of use of a spreadsheet combined with the capabilities of a database and comes with a host of integration and visualization features. Google Tables promises workflow organization for spreadsheet users, with automation capabilities to help organize large teams and projects. Who made it?...

Miro App: The Online Collaborative Whiteboard and Meetings Platform

In a world where more and more jobs are being carried out remotely, the apps we use to facilitate this have become more and more vital to our productivity and our efficiency. Agile practices and design thinking are becoming intrinsic to companies large and small. App design is essentially a solution to a pressing problem. The problem here is, how do you facilitate meetings and workshops remotely while allowing everyone...

Moonshotº: Video Conferencing and Virtual Escape Rooms

Have you ever been to an escape room and wish you could experience all the joys of solving clues and working as a team but from the safety of your own home? Now you can with this up and coming release, Moonshot, from Reason.  Moonshot is a virtual escape room. It incorporates a variety of functions such as virtual assistant, remote-controlled props, a live host, and puzzles in the real...
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