Coverr 3.0 is a resource with exclusive stock video footage that can be used for free. It provides stock footage for both commercial and non-commercial use, and requires no attribution to be given for any of the footage used.

Coverr 3.0 is the third major iteration of Coverr, and comes with a bunch of new features.

Who made it?

Coverr began as a project by, a video production marketplace, to fulfill the need for creators that needed high-quality stock footage. Since was acquired by Fiverr, Coverr has existed as a standalone side project.

Who is it for?

Coverr 3.0 carries the tagline of “videos for everyone”. It’s mission is to make stock video footage more accessible, so anybody in need of stock video for free can use Coverr 3.0.

Key features 

  • Free Videos API beta — Completely free easy-to-use API in beta
  • Completely new design — New decluttered and more visual design to make navigation easier
  • Search — Improved search with a new focus on relevancy  to help users find their choice of stock footage better
  • Browsing — Browse by categories, with a ton more options added with this version
  • Collections — Curated collections to address trends and seasonal events
  • Updated video catalog — Thousands of new high-quality exclusive videos
  • Dark and light mode — New site design comes with a dark/light mode switch

What does it cost?

Coverr 3.0 is completely free to use.

What are the makers saying?

“Since releasing Coverr 2.0 two and half years ago, Coverr gained a lot of traction, in the past year with the pandemic that hit almost every sector, and the fact many productions couldn’t really happen ,we’ve experienced even greater traction with more needs for free high quality video footage. In the past year we gathered a lot of insights as for what creators need, what features, what type of content, what type design works best for them, and more.” Yoav Hornung, Co-founder, Coverr.

What are people saying? 

Such a great product!

All the benefits of free stock footage, but at the same time it feels authentic, unique, and not like those stock scenes you’ve already seen everywhere.

And I love the new branding!

Go Coverr!”Lior Albeck, Business Strategy, Fiverr.

Check out Coverr 3.0, now. 

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