Polotno Studio is an online design editor that lets users create high-quality graphics with ease. It has a large library of photos and vector illustrations available for users, combined with an easy-to-use editor which means you don’t need to be an expert at graphics designing.

Polotno Studio says it’s a “Canva-like” design editor and has no signups, ads, or paywalls.

Who made it?

Polotno Studio is from Anton Lavrenov, a developer who specializes in making graphics-based applications. He created Polotno Studio after making a model graphics app-making infrastructure for different business use cases, in the form of Polotno SDK.

Who is it for?

Polotno Studio is for anybody that wants to create high-quality graphics without having to sign up or be subjected to ads. It lists the possible use cases as images for social media, youtube previews, covers, presentations, and more.

Key features 

  • Easy-to-use editor  — Simple and beginner-friendly editor 
  • Rich library  — Tons of photos and vector illustrations available for use
  • Ad-free — The editor is completely free of ads
  • No signup required — The editor is ready to use as soon as you load the website

What does it cost?

Polotno Studio is fully free to use, with zero ads on the platform. Monetization is done via Polotno SDK, to ensure the editor is free to use for everybody.

What are the makers saying?

“It is a polished demonstration of how you can use Polotno SDK. Right now I have no plans to monetize an end-user product. Instead, I am monetizing its SDK. Such an approach allows me to make Polotno Studio much simpler and avoid marketing nonsense and paywalls. All with the hope to make an ethical product and continue what I like to do the most – help developers and companies.” Anton Lavrenov, Creator, Polotno Studio.

What are people saying? 

Great! Personally love the concept of ‘instant action’. I use the same principle on my own tool. Love it!” Simon Blok, Creator, MockMagic.com

Check out Polotno Studio, now.

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