TLDR This is a web app that lets you automatically summarize any webpage or article with a single click. It gives you a couple of different types of summaries as per your need, to help you absorb important content and reduce information overload.

TLDR This is also available as a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension so that you can use it as you’re surfing the web.

Who made it?

TLDR This is from a company called Tridev, headed by Samanyou Garg, a full-stack AI developer with a background in software engineering.

Who is it for?

TLDR This is for anybody looking to spend less time reading an article. It is made for students, writers, teachers, institutions, journalists, and anybody else looking to absorb the most information without wanting to spend much time.

Key features 

  • One-click Summarization — Powered by AI, TLDR This automatically summarized
  • Article Metadata Extraction — Automatic extraction of author and date information, related images, title, and reading time
  • Distraction and ad-free reading — No ads, popups, graphics, or other online distractions
  • Avoid the Clickbait Trap — No ads, popups, graphics, or other online distractions

What does it cost?

  • Free — Free, 10 credits
  • Starter — $4 per month, 100 credits per month, paraphrasing coming soon
  • Professional — $8.25 per month, 500 credits per month, paraphrasing coming soon, and priority support
  • Starter — $16.60 per month, Unlimited credits plus all features

There is also a Pay as You Go option that lets you purchase credits.

What are the makers saying?

“We have more access to information than ever before. So much information exists today, that it is impossible to read all the content that matters to us.

My mission with this tool is to help busy folks absorb the most important and valuable content and to help them understand it in the easiest way possible.” Samanyou Garg, Creator, TLDR This.

What are people saying? 

Great idea! Reading a lot of articles while working, I always wish for something like this. Now it becomes a reality! Keep up the good work, guys.” Oliver Nguyen, Software Developer.

Check out TLDR This, now.

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