Meetcode is an online hiring platform catered towards finding developers for hire. It comes with a specialized interview process that lets recruiters hire the developers suited for their needs by using the in-built coding environments. 

Users can conduct live testing during the interview process, making it a one-stop developer recruitment platform.

Who made it?

Meetcode is from a team that has a long track record in helping tech companies expand their team size with remote hiring solutions. They’ve now introduced Meetcode to make their recruitment expertise available to everyone.

Who is it for?

Meetcode is for anybody looking to hire developers without having to go through the hurdles of remote hiring. It’s designed to make developer recruitment more efficient for small projects as well as large corporations.

Key features 

  • Video and audio capabilities — Smooth and interactive interviews with seamless video and audio connections
  • Built-in IDE — Test the developers’ experience using the collaborative built-in coding environment with support for 20+ programming languages
  • Flexible customization — scale hiring with effortless workflow, compliance, security, and privacy controls

What does it cost?

Meetcode currently offers a free one-month trial with a limit of 200 interviews with full access to the questions library. Additionally, it offers a custom plan for enterprises.

What are the makers saying?

“Meetcode is ready to help companies with technical hiring needs to make interviews easier and faster. We have integrated the seamless video/audio call and code challenges for technical roles, enabling both interviewers and candidates to have excellent interview experiences at controllable costs.” Leo, Co-founder, Meetcode.

What are people saying? 

Just tried it out and turns out this product is great. Will bring to my team and have them try it.” John Messner, Engineer.

Check out Meetcode, now.

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