Cleaner One Pro is a disk cleaning utility app that keeps your computer running at the peak of its abilities.

The minimal interface is a cinch to use, allowing you to visualize the consumed space on your drive and free up storage in a single click.

Cleaner One Pro also boasts several handy features for optimizing the performance of your machine, from a startup manager to automatic disk cleaning.

What does it do?

Cleaner One Pro is a disk-cleaning and optimization application. It will hunt down and remove unwanted files from uninstalled apps, locate large files that are eating up disk space and remove them, find duplicated files on your local hard drive and trash them. Leaving you with a cleaner, faster, more responsive drive.

Cleaner One Pro can identify similar photos in your albums, allowing you to save just one copy of that great selfie instead of dozens of variations.

Cleaner One Pro will even safely uninstall apps for you, so when you decide to remove an app, it, and all its extra bulk, will be removed in full.

Who made it?

Cleaner One Pro is made by Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader — fueled by decades of security expertise — that is helping make the world safer for exchanging digital information.

Who’s it for?

Cleaner One Pro is available for Windows and macOS, so it’s ideal for almost anyone who wants to keep their machine running like new.

It offers a lot of useful cleaning and optimization features to users to free up space and optimize performance. As an economical option, many users such as freelancers, individual photographers, designers, can just use the solution to maintain their computer instead of buying a new one.

Key Features

  • Toolbar — real-time monitoring of your system resources usage and quick cleaner & optimizer 
  • Smart Scan — Quick check up the system and give you a full insight of storage usage, system security settings, and unused apps
  • File Removal — simply remove junk files, duplicate files, useless large files, that are eating up storage space
  • File Shredder — permanently delete files, so they can’t be recovered, thereby protecting sensitive info
  • Startup Manager — control which apps/system services are allocated resources when you startup your machine
  • App Uninstaller — cleanly remove third-party apps, without leaving dozens of config files behind in obscure directories

How much does it cost?

Most of the features in Cleaner One Pro are free to use, however, if you want to use some advanced cleaning and optimization features such as App Manager, Duplicate Finder, etc, you might need to upgrade to premium which costs $19.99 per year. 

What are the makers saying?

“Cleaner One is the all-in-one Mac Master Cleaner App. It can optimize your disk usage, free up space on your Mac, keep the hard drive clean, remove duplicate photos and other files, manage your apps, and much more.”

What are people saying?

“Love this tool. Have been using it for several months. Very simple, user-friendly interface. My Mac runs smoothly with this app.” — Mark

You can try out Cleaner One Pro here.

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