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Reshift Security is a security tool that helps developers find and fix vulnerabilities in their JavaScript code. Reshift Security is a developer-first tool, which means that the team has designed it to help make the coding process easier for developers.

It’s also a light and easy-to-use tool and requires very little setup.

Who made it?

Reshift Security is from a team of five people working to improve code security for software development teams. Founder Sherif Koussa leads the team. He has previously worked as a developer and a software security auditor. 

Who is it for?

Reshift Security is for developers and organizations working with JavaScript, and especially those that are looking to significantly cut down on the security vulnerabilities in their code before shipping it.

Key features 

  • Developer-centric solution — Integrates with the IDE so security issues are found in real-time
  • Lightweight security tool — Makes it easy to build code security into workflow pipelines
  • Minimal setup — Made for small and medium-sized businesses, making it easy to set up
  • Built-in security coach —  Improve code security and learn about security while writing code

What does it cost?

  • Free — Free, 1 user, unlimited public repositories, no private repositories, 1 concurrent scan, and PR Workflow
  • Pro— $99 per month, 2 users, unlimited public and private repositories, 2 concurrent scans, PR Workflow, 2x scanning speed, and support
  • Team — $299 per month, 10 users, unlimited public and private repositories, 10 concurrent scans, PR Workflow, 2x scanning speed, and support
  • Enterprise — Custom pricing, 100+ users, unlimited public and private repositories, 50 concurrent scans, PR Workflow, 2x scanning speed, and support

What are the makers saying?

“When security issues are introduced, Reshift provides developers with rich overviews and code fix suggestions so developers can confidently remediate issues faster and learn to write more secure code.” Reshift.

What are people saying? 

The Reshift team has made themselves available for support, and have been quick to implement feature suggestions, which has helped us build up our security program faster.” Sonrai Security, Platform Architect.

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