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Web Stories by Google: Increase Your Engagement With Tappable Mobile Content

Web Stories by Google is a new addition to the Google AMP suite of mobile-focused content delivery frameworks. It lets users create content in the “stories” format for the web, with visual content that is tappable, and focused on mobile users. Web Stories brings the stories content format from social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram to the web. Web Stories by Google also features multiple resources to help creation,...

Pory: Make a website out of your Airtable data without coding

Pory is a no-code tool that lets you turn your Airtable data into a website. Pory helps users build minimum viable products (MVPs) by eliminating the cost and hassle required for software development.  It is equipped with everything needed to convert Airtable data into a full-fledged, consumer-ready website. Pory also has the promise of zero maintenance, which is an additional benefit for users that want to avoid the hassle of...

A Closer Look At GoDaddy’s Web Hosting in 2020

With more than 18 million customers and 77 million managed domains, GoDaddy has grown to be one of the largest web hosting providers. Some of its popularity is linked to large-scale promotional advertisements such as Super Bowl ads. They once claimed that they had a commercial that was too hot for TV. However, the real question here is: are their services as hot as the commercials they claim to produce?...

20 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

Are you starting a blog? Building an online store? Setting up a forum? Here are all the reasons why you should use WordPress as your website builder for your new site. From Beyoncé to Harvard University, some of the world’s biggest websites use WordPress. And, the platform is free and easy to learn. Anyone, regardless of their skills, can build an awesome website. But is WordPress the right website builder for...

Which Website Builder is Better? A Comparison Between GoDaddy and Wix

If you’re looking to use a new website builder for your next online venture, you’ve probably heard two big names during your research: GoDaddy and Wix. Naturally, both companies claim to be the best builder around. Which one is telling the truth? Both options are decent overall, particularly for new users. For instance, GoDaddy is arguably the most common introductory website builder that the majority of new online business owners...
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