is a drawing game where an AI is the judge. Described as “Cards Against Humanity meets Microsoft Paint”, gives you some goofy prompts about what to draw. Your drawings are then judged by an AI, and the best one wins. releases a new prompt every two hours, and has a global leaderboard.

Who made it? is a product made in collaboration by Roboflow, a company that helps developers build computer vision apps, and Booste, a platform that helps integrate machine learning models. The two companies came together to design

Who is it for? is a fun game to pass time, and bring out the hidden artist in you. It is for anybody that is curious about AI, likes drawing, and games, or just has some time they want to spend in a fun and creative way.

Key features 

  • Nice and easy drawing tool  — The drawing tool is as simple as it gets
  • Drawing Prompts  — Ideas to draw with, added every two hours
  • Global leaderboard — Check how your drawing skills hold up against the rest of the players
  • Share Drawings — Option to share your drawings across a variety of social platforms

What does it cost? is fully free to play. The website also has no ads.

What are the makers saying?

“Since building this weekend, over 90,000 drawings have been submitted so far! We’ve seen people try to game the model by writing the prompt in text or submitting irrelevant content (but slight tweaks have been able to work around them). ” Brad Dwyer, Roboflow.

What are people saying? 

So much fun! Only complaint is how much it’s exposed my terrible drawing skills.” David Nandwa, CTO, HoneyCoin.

Take a look at, now.

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