Geeks and techies are the new show runners as their expertise is now highly regarded in every sector.

The revolution of technology and demand for techies has made a significant contribution towards the increase in online communities that not only bring the like-minded geeks and techies together but also help them with solving tech issues.

Now, when we talk about geeks and techies, there is a need to make a distinction between the two. A geek could be a tech enthusiast who is highly interested in evolving technologies around the world while a techie is someone who is trained for building tech.

What brings these two closer is their undying passion and dedication to technology. Here we list the top 10 online communities that cater to geeks and techies worldwide.

1. StackOverflow

Stack Overflow is one of the most popular forums and communities for techies and programmers as it allows them to post their issues and get solutions.

The website possesses a huge database of questions and answers to help everyone. It provides a learning and teaching platform to techies and also connects them with the brightest of minds.

2. FreeCodeCamp

Similar to Stack Overflow, FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization made to help people learn to code. It has a huge library of educational coding videos, e-papers, online tutorials, and more to help coders study.

The website also has plenty of online tests that can be taken to gauge the expertise level and get certifications. It also connects coders all over the world. Although helpful, this one limits itself to coding techies.

3. HackerNews

The HackerNews (now known as YCombinator) is a social news website that shares content related to technological development globally.

It also allows forum members to share tech-related news and indulge in discussions with fellow geeks and techies. This platform has often been the breeding ground for leak stories about upcoming products and updates.

4. Indie Hackers

It is an online community for those involved in building an online project. Indie Hackers is an international community of developers who share their projects, strategies, and statistics.

It is one of a kind platform for budding entrepreneurs and techies who want to learn from a business. Indie Hackers enables thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to grow together. It also holds meetups, online discussions, and more.

5. Product Hunt

For budding techies who want to get their product tested by an online community of geeks, Product Hunt is a haven.

It is a fantastic community that features the latest tech products and connects entrepreneurs and developers with enthusiasts who are ever ready to test out a product in its pre-launch or pre-rollout phase.

You can use this online community to test out some products yourself and give out your review for further development and tweaks.

If you are a creator yourself, you can easily share your product and let other techies test it out. This way, you will get substantial feedback to help improve the product. Either way, testers and listers on Product Hunt have a great learning experience.

6. Reddit

Who doesn’t know Reddit! It is one of the most popular online forums for techies and geeks.

Reddit is a global community that harbors huge numbers of highly active enthusiasts. If you’re a geek who wants to discuss complex tech topics or the latest game on the horizon or a recent software update, Reddit is your place to be. You also get to follow live streams of developers and famous techies on Reddit.

Reddit is a vast web of threads, so it could get a little daunting to find the best thread for yourself in the beginning. Make sure you follow group guidelines as geeks here are used to punching below the belt if you don’t follow the group’s etiquette.

7. Daily UI

For a design and product UI/UX geek, DailyUI is nothing less than an enjoyable place! It is an online community of UI/UX designers from all over the world.

The website is genuinely engaging with its content and discussion threads. What else? Designers also get to take part in daily design challenges to win significant rewards.

8. TechMeme

TechMeme is a one-stop junction for techies and geeks who are forever on the lookout for the latest technology news.

It is a platform that showcases tech stories breaking faster than anyplace else. It is a better alternative to RSS feeds for geeks.

TechMeme provides a snapshot of what’s trending on discussion boards and news and social media websites globally.

9. AnandTech Forums

For every tech enthusiast or a geek, AnandTech is one of the most popular and trusted sources of tech news and information.

The forum hosted by the website is one of the most engaging ones in its arena. One gets to indulge in discussions with fellow enthusiasts and get answers to any query in the spheres of tech, hardware, software, deals, and more.

The forums and websites we have featured serve as the best starting point. Some other platforms like Quora and Medium could also be one of your choices, but since they are not strictly based on tech topics, we didn’t list them in our review.

Use these platforms to make relationships with other tech-minded fellows.

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