2020 Year in Review by CodersRank brings together all the coding insights for the year. Depicting the year 2020 in coding stats, it has stats for users’ CodersRank accounts. In addition, it also has coding stats for the whole world, individual countries, and some fun insights into how 2020 was for coding. 

2020 Year in Review is presented in a bunch of neat and clean-looking infographics.

Who made it?

2020 Year in Review is from CodersRank. CodersRank is a social media platform designed specifically for developers. CodersRank is relying on its extensive data on developers and development activity to represent how coding habits did in 2020.

Who is it for?

For CodersRank users, there are a ton of personal insights that are related to their use of CodersRank, and their coding habits. Other users get access to the general stats and infographics showing the coding practices and behaviors of developers worldwide, aggregated.

Key features 

  • Personal Edition — Users’ personal stats on CodersRank, with insights into their coding activity in 2020
  • Global Edition — Insights into development activity worldwide, with infographics about the coding trends of 2020
  • Local Edition — Coding trends and insights of 2020 by country
  • Fun Facts — Miscellaneous facts about coding trends in 2020 presented in a “fun facts” style

What does it cost?

2020 Year in Review by CodersRank is completely free. Users will need a CodersRank account with sufficient activity in order to check the Personal Edition. The other stats do not require a CodersRank account.

What are the makers saying?

“A lot happened in 2020.

Despite everything, developers coded, learned new stuff, deployed and debugged. Here are a few highlights from a year to remember (or, you know, forget).” CodersRank

What are people saying? 

“I loved the fun fact edition, really interesting insights. Cool project, thank you, for sharing!”  Andrea Sipos, SaaS Product Manager.

Check out 2020 Year in Review by CodersRank, now. 

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