vsChat is a VS Code extension for developers to chat with other VS Code developers around the world. It’s built as an extension for VS Code and integrates a flexible chatroom right within VS Code.

vsChat operates like a live Stack Exchange where you can connect with other developers for help with projects, collaborations, and other interactions.

Who made it?

vsChat is from Adem Kouki, a student and web developer from Tunisia, who is also interested in other types of programming. He notes that he has a personal interest in chatbots, which is what led to him developing vsChat. 

Who is it for?

vsChat is for any developer that works in VS Code and would like to have a social aspect to all the coding. vsChat integrates really well, so it can be a nice social element to your coding sessions without being a distraction or looking out-of-place.

Key features 

  • Optional Login — You can use a nickname without login, and maintain anonymity 
  • Username Callout — If you type @ + username, it will highlight the message to that user
  • Image rendering — Image URLs pasted in the chat will be rendered inline
  • URL rendering — URLs pasted in chat will turn into links

What does it cost?

vsChat is fully free to use as an extension within your VS Code application.

What are the makers saying?

“Try vsChat Extension and chat with other VS Code programmers. Inspired by VScode stories and VSinder.” Adem Kouki, Creator, vsChat.

What are people saying? 

“I could not see an option to have personal chat. I see there is a common chatroom. If you go forward with this, personal chat would really be helpful to a lot of developers.”  Tushar Shahi.

Check out vsChat, now.

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