Rezi 3.0 is a résumé builder that uses GPT-3 to ensure users don’t have to put too much effort into making the perfect one. Rezi, with the 3.0 update, now uses the AI power of GPT-3 to build better résumés.

Rezi 3.0 also brings in a ton of other features that make résumé building easier.

Who made it?

Rezi comes from an experienced team that started the project back in May 2015, as a weekend project. The team aimed to create a tool to help users create résumés that would make them more hireable, and educate them on applicant tracking systems.

Who is it for?

Rezi 3.0 is for anybody that wants to build a better résumé. Folks that want to increase their chances of getting hired by making a more presentable résumé, Rezi 3.0 can be of great use.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Free$0, trial to get a feel of how Rezi works
  • Basic$3 per month, Download a single résumé
  • Pro — $29 per month, all Rezi features, +100K AI credits
  • Lifetime — $49 one-time fee, all Rezi features, +250K AI credits

What are the makers saying?

“Over the past year of personally reviewing 3,000+ resumes, we also realized the insane challenge of writing hirable resume content without paying for an expensive resume writing service.

Job seekers desperately need a better way to write a resume. That’s exactly why we’re excited to announce the launch of Rezi AI Writer.” Jacob Jacquet, CEO, Rezi.

What are people saying? 

Looks like a good tool. I still get many half-baked CVs, so there definitely is a big market. Good luck!” Szymon Adamiak, Software Developer.

Check out Rezi 3.0, now.

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