Flipp is a new-age eCommerce platform that lets you sell your pre-owned subscriptions. It lets you flip any app or service subscriptions that you have and don’t use anymore. Flipp aims to make its users some money while putting those unused subscriptions to some use.

Flipp works in tandem with unloved, a complimentary platform where users can buy pre-owned subscriptions.

Who made it?

Flipp is from Nitish Rathee, a software developer. He has also made unloved, a platform to buy pre-owned subscriptions. After the success of unloved, he decided to come up with it to help users sell their subscriptions.

Who is it for?

Flipp is for anybody that has a subscription to a service or app that they cannot use. Additionally, Flipp can also be used to share profiles on a shared subscription. No matter what subscription you have, as long as it can be shared using credentials, you can sell it on Flipp.

Key features 

  • Sell Any Subscription — No set exceptions about which subscriptions you can sell
  • 20% Commission Per Sale — Only a 20% cut on every sale including processor charger and platform fee
  • Easy Payments — Payments are collected immediately and paid to you in installments to ensure confidence in subscription longevity
  • Established Buyer Platform — Flipp already has an established buyer platform, unloved, giving you access to a buyer user base

What does it cost?

Listing on Flipp is completely free of charge, and the only charges users have to pay are the 20% commission on a sale.

What are the makers saying?

“Imagine selling off all those paid in full subscriptions you don’t use anymore and can’t refund. You could list your subscriptions for sale and have them put to good use – while releasing locked up $$$.” Flipp

What are people saying? 

“Cool idea! I’ve found myself wanting the annual pricing only to end up not using the product after a few months. Just listed a subscription!”  Bill Hamway, Founder, Mammoth.

Check out Flipp, now. 

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