One of the biggest stumbling blocks for any new business is designing brand assets. Few new contacts will take you seriously without a logo in your email signature or an avatar for your social media channels.

Looka is an incredibly helpful site that enables you to employ the power of AI to generate a custom logo for your new business and, with it, the brand assets you need.

You don’t need design skills or expensive design software, Looka can generate a logo for you in minutes, and you tweak it by changing colors, sizing, and symbols. Preview your design on real-world mockups until you’re happy with it.

Once you’ve finalized your logo, Looka will generate high-res files, including SVGs and PNGs.

Logo complete, you can then employ Looka’s brand kit, selecting from over 300 templates to generate 20 different types of document, from invoices to blog banners. In addition, Looka provides perfectly-sized social media assets so that you can create a consistent presence across Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can even generate business cards to send to your local printer.

Finally, use Looka’s AI-powered design engine to generate a website for your business that ties your new brand identity together.

Who made it?

Dawson Whitfield launched Looka (formerly Logojoy) in 2016 after a decade of designing logos for clients. Andrew Martin later joined as CTO to expand the business using machine learning. Looka is based in Toronto, Canada.

Who is it for?

Looka is for anyone who wants to build a beautiful business identity. Whether monetizing a side project or jumping feet-first into self-employment, Looka can help you build a credible brand that you love.

Key features

Hi-Res File Formats — Download your logo in high-res formats, including PNG, SVG, and PDF

Transparent Logo Backgrounds — Use your logo anywhere

AI-Powered Design — Machine learning helps create a logo you love

Customizable Designs — Don’t settle for the first thing you see, tweak your design to your heart’s content

Brand Kit — Generate all the documents you need to get started as a business

Social Media Templates — Present a consistent identity across social networks

Your First Website — Launch an AI-generated website today

What does it cost?

Basic Logo Package — $20 one-time purchase — one, non-transparent logo file

Premium Logo Package — $65 one-time purchase — multiple high-res files, unlimited changes, lifetime technical support, full ownership

Brand Kit Subscription — $96 per year — Everything in the Premium Logo Package plus business cards, email signatures, social profiles, social covers, letterheads, brand guidelines, social posts, social stories, invoices, posters, flyers, presentations, cards, blog banners, proposals, newsletters, brochures, and invitations.

Brand Kit Web Subscription — $192 per year — Everything in the Brand Kit Subscription plus an AI-generated website.

What are the makers saying?

“We believe anyone can make their business, side hustle, or passion project look beautiful — even if they’re not a designer. As an AI-powered graphic design company, we’re automating design processes without taking away the creativity, vision, and fun that goes into building a brand identity.” – Looka

What are people saying?

“Excellent site. I found the perfect logo for my business. Great service from the customer advisers when I needed a question answered. Fast response.” – Jo-Anna Coxall, The Nutrition Works

“The sky is the limit in terms of brand design. In addition, customer service received was outstanding. I would highly recommend this site to any person looking to develop their brand and create something magical.”– Elliot Yates, The Mobile Mechanic

“This is the 2nd time I’ve used this company and I’ll be using them again. Definitely recommend.” – Noel, Noel Lives Life

Start designing your brand identity today.

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