Best eReaders

If you are a book enthusiast, it does not take long for a small library to develop in your home.

While a large book collection can be visually pleasing, it can quickly get out of hand and lead to a lot of clutter. However, if you purchase an eReader you are able to contain all of the books you are planning on reading.

Even if you prefer physical books, not everything you need needs to be a physical book. You can read most of your books on the eReader and purchase your favorites to add to your collection.

Here we will look at some of the best eReaders on the market.

1. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

When it comes to eReaders there are no better options than the Amazon Kindle Oasis. This product is for hardcore readers that are heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem. Released in 2019, it is a minor upgrade over the 2017 version.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis features a 7 inch display with a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch. It has well placed navigation buttons, and it can last up to six weeks on a single charge. That being said, you will probably need to plug it in every week or two depending on your settings.

Additionally, the device comes with build in ambient light sensors. They adapt to your surroundings so that you do not need to constantly adjust the brightness of your screen.

When it comes to storage, this device has more than enough. It has 8 GB of storage, which might not sound like a lot, but that is enough to store thousands of books. That being said, there is a 32 GB version for people that are interested in downloading audiobooks.

Furthermore, users can connect their Amazon Kindle Oasis to Overdrive and send eBooks to their device via the internet.

In terms of new features, this device comes with a color adjustable front light. The device will switch to warmer hues at night, making it easier on your eyes. It also comes with IPX8 water resistance, meaning that it is protected against immersion in up to 6.5 feet of water.

2. Kobo Libra 2

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

Those of you that do not want to purchase a Kindle can look for alternatives. We have found that the Kobo Libra 2 is the best alternative to the Amazon Kindle Oasis. It is the best option for people that want an eReader that is not tied to Amazon.

Amazon is certainly the company that dominates the eReader space, but there are other companies that have made their footprint.

This product has made minor improvements from its previous designs. Notably, its sharp edges have been smoothed out, and a more svelte style has been used. There is also a dotted texture on the back of the device to give the reader extra grip.

Readers can use the page buttons to turn the page without touching the screen. This will help you avoid smudging your screen.

Another great feature of this product is that it is waterproof. As a result, you are able to take a bath with this device and not worry about water splashing on it.

Additionally, the device comes with a blue light filter that will keep the device from messing with your sleep instincts at night. It also has a two week battery life.

3. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

You are going to notice that we look at quite a few products from Amazon. That is because they have so many different eReaders that are available for customers to purchase. That being said, the best eReader for people on a budget is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

This product can be had for under $150, which is more than $100 cheaper than some similar devices. It provides incredible value to buyers while keeping some of the most important features. While there are cheaper options, there are few that are as cheap while still having great features.

This device comes with a 6.8 inch display, and USB-C charging. This type of charging means that it has a faster charging speed. That being said, it still has a two week battery life, so you will not need to charge it often.

The display remains unchanged from previous versions as it maintains its 300 pixels per inch display. The display also changes brightness automatically, and it has a blue light filer for when you are reading at nighttime. This should help you get ready for bed even when you are looking at a screen.

You should also be happy to hear that this device is full waterproof, meaning that you can take a bath and read on your kindle without the danger of it being damaged. That peace of mind is worth spending a few extra dollars rather than buying the absolute cheapest eReaders.

4. Kobo Clara HD

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

If you are looking for a budget conscious eReader that is not from Amazon, you cannot go wrong with the Kobo Clara HD. It is an option that can be purchased for around $120, and it has a front lit display, as well as plenty of storage.

Specifically, this device comes with 8 GB of storage, and it has a 300 pixels per inch screen. The battery is strong enough that you should be able to use it for around a month before you need to charge it.

Additionally, the device has the same innovatively illuminated ComfortLight Pro as the more expensive options from Kobo. This feature uses red and orange LEDs to illuminate the screen without the need for blue light.

5. Boox Note3

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

If you need an eReader with a larger screen, you should consider the Boox Note3. This product is perfect for people that need an eReader to look at charts and diagrams. Typically, students prefer to use a larger eReader for reading their textbooks.

This device has a 9.82 x 7 inch screen, making it one of the largest options on the market. Its larger screen makes it optimal for note taking in the margins. You can also use it to open several documents at once, add bookmarks, and you can even adjust the size of the text.

While this device is more expensive than some other options, it has full Android capabilities. As a result, third party apps can be used on it, making it similar to many tablets.

6. Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

If your kid is getting to the age where they can read on their own, you might consider buying them an eReader. The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is a great option for kids aged seven years and older.

This device comes with a six inch black and white glare free screen. It also comes with a durable magnet cover. The cover is available in a variety of bright solid colors, or kid friendly prints.

Additionally, when you purchase the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition, you will get one year of Amazon Kids+, which includes all of the Harry Potter books ad other children’s series.

7. Onyx Boox Poke 3

Top 7 eReaders in the Market Right Now

The final product that we will be looking at today is one that is perfect for one you are outside. The Onyx Boox Poke 3 reduces glare, and makes it much easier for people to read when they are outside in the Sun.

This device has a 300 pixels per inch display, a MOON Light 2 backlight function, and a SNOW Field setting. The high contrast and light substrate from these settings make it easier to read when there is bright sunlight. It is just as easy to read with these settings as it is to read a paper book.

Additionally, this device runs on the Android operating system, meaning that it has access to more settings and reding programs. With its touch screen and internet connectivity, you are easily able to browse for new books while using this device.

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