is an AI Avatar Studio. It lets users create photorealistic, emotive and intelligent AI Avatars, from a single image. It also has a database of preset tokenized AI Avatars available to users, or users can make their own. Users can utilize these avatars to read out a message, or a variety of other use cases that require a narrator.

Who made it?

AI Avatars is a new offering from, a Blockchain-based Studio. CEO Arif Khan founded Founded in 2019, the mission of the company is to make AI-generated media more accessible and easier to use for a community of creators, developers, and others.

Who is it for? is for anybody that wants to create AI-generated media. The company says it has designed AI Avatars to democratize CGI and enable developers, content creators, and all fans of AI to be able to use and enjoy AI.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Creator Plan — $500/month, 200 credits, 1 custom avatar, neutral expressions, a
  • Enterprise Plan — Custom pricing, as per needs, with all features unlocked and API access

AI Avatars by is currently in Beta, with the free version allowing 8 credits with the basic free avatars.

What are the makers saying?

“My team and I are proud to present the world’s first photorealistic, emotive and intelligent AI Avatar Studio. Now anyone can build their AI avatar, seed them with intelligence and own the underlying asset through NFTs. You only need a single high-fidelity image to do this and we’ll take care of the rest.“ Arif Khan, CEO, Founder at Alethea AI

What are people saying? 

“AI Characters combined with distributed ownerships via blockchains can seed novel shared economies wherein communities could run collectively owned marketing businesses by monetising such characters. With AI and blockchains, so many new business models are going to be created in the coming decade.”  Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder and COO, Matic Network

Check out AI Avatars by, now.

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