xpression camera is a virtual camera app that can change the users’ looks in online streaming video. With live streams and video calls becoming more common, xpression camera aims to offer an alternative to adjusting your dressing habits, or environment, or even yourself, by offering you the option to change it on your device.

xpression camera can virtually change your appearance, setting, and clothing on a live stream or video call.

Who made it?

xpression camera is from EmbodyMe, a synthetic media company that has previously made a meme generator, and a non-live version of xpression for iOS.

Who is it for?

xpression camera is for anybody that does a fair bit of video calling or live streaming and needs an easy solution that can change the look. It’s not strictly designed for serious users either. Users can have some quirky fun with the face-swapping features, too. The tagline of the app is “The new normal looks however you please,” so the possibilities are endless.

Key features 

What does it cost?

For now, xpression camera is available in private beta for macOS users. A Windows version is in the works, said to be coming soon.

What are the makers saying?

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, video chats and live streams are becoming an essential part of life. It’s now time to apply our technology to this “new normal” life.

xpression camera is a virtual camera app that imprints the movements of your face and head onto anyone you want while you chat on Zoom, stream on Twitch, or create a YouTube video.

You can even appear on Zoom calls in a suit while actually wearing pyjamas.” Issay Yoshida, CEO, EmbodyMe

What are people saying? 

“Looks incredible! It’s such a great workaround the privacy issues we have with video conferencing nowadays which can make interactions more dynamic but much less invasive! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.” Chai Karim, UX Designer

Take a look at xpression camera, now.

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