WP Umbrella home screen

WP Umbrella is an all-in-one performance monitoring tool for WordPress. It is a WordPress plugin that can check the website for errors, and stand by for constant monitoring. It has multiple checks for website health, performance, and uptime monitoring, as well as PHP errors that arise from installing new plugins and themes.

WP Umbrella also has a notification system that can be set up with email or Slack, to notify the administrators in case of issues.

Who made it?

WP Umbrella comes from WordPress enthusiasts and developers, Aurelio Volle and Thomas Deneulin. They are also the creators of the popular WordPress plugin, Image SEO. WP Umbrella is their latest venture together.

Who is it for?

WP Umbrella is for anybody looking to monitor their WordPress website for errors and performance. It aims at cutting down the time it takes to detect downtime slow load-times, and the time it takes to fix them. WP Umbrella says it is made for digital agencies working with WordPress, web marketers and WooCommerce owners, and WordPress developers.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Free — 1 website, no weekly reports, Slack integration, advanced PHP errors tracking, or support
  • Starter — $4.99/month, for 1 website with all features
  • Personal — $9.99/month, for 3 websites with all features
  • Standard — $24.99/month, for 10 websites with all features
  • Business — $49.99/month, for 50 websites with all features

WP Umbrella also offers custom pricing for users that need support for more than 50 websites.

What are the makers saying?

“Our deep understanding of the SEO helps us to come to a conclusion: server accessibility, page speed, loading time ( = technical SEO) are fundamental. 

Of course, content ( = On site SEO) and backlinks ( = Off site SEO) are the most important, but since articles have to be original and backlinks natural, we couldn’t do much about it. That’s why we decided to focus on technical SEO. 

But here is the thing, WordPress users don’t often have the technical knowledge to make a difference in this field, and that’s why we created WP Umbrella.” WP Umbrella

What are people saying? 

“It gives valuable insights from a plugin developer point of view! Congrats to the team!”  Remy Berda, Co-Founder of Weglot

Take a look at WP Umbrella, now.

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