Stepsize is one of the best issue trackers for engineers on the market. With this tool, engineers will be able to track, prioritize, and fix code easier than ever before. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this high-end tool!

We will walk you through the key features of the product and why it is a popular option amongst engineers.

What is Stepsize?

Stepsize is the only editor-first issue tracker on the market that is built exclusively for engineers. Stepsize issues are always linked to the code they relate to, which enables many new innovative features. There are several companies out there that use it to help track, prioritize, and address issues with their code.

How Did They Do It?

The key to developing this tool was integrating it into their editor. This meant that there would be very little friction in reporting issues compared to opening a separate tool that was not directly linked to the editor.

One of the biggest reasons that this has not been developed before is because previous attempts did not capture the most important context, which is the code.

Stepsize is great because it is designed to help businesses talk about which tech debt to address so that they can facilitate their product roadmap.

Do Businesses That Have Jira Need Stepsize?

Jira is a proprietary issue tracking product that is used by many companies around the world. It is a good tool, but it does not provide context for the tech debt, and as a result, it can not be prioritized.

Businesses need Stepsize to figure out what to put into Jira. Stepsize lets the editors report issues directly from their editors. Then, once you know which tech debt you want to deal with first, it will be put in Jira. Until then, issues can be kept as backlog tickets until they are ready to go into Jira.

Key Features

Use Stepsize to Track, Prioritize, and Eliminate Tech Debt

These are just a few of the best features that are accessible when using Stepsize.

  • Context from Linked Code – When using Stepsize, users will be able to create issues with rich context, directly in their editor. Users are able to securely link all the relevant code and eliminate issues that cannot be understood just a few weeks after they were created.
  • Awareness from inline Annotations – With this tool, users will be able to share their knowledge of issues and raise awareness of tech debt in their team. They can easily ensure that bad patterns do not repeat themselves, and as a result, they can continuously re-assess the code so that it is always being improved.
  • Simple Prioritization – Prioritization can be a major stumbling block for computer scientists, engineers, and coders. With Stepsize, users will be able to define the priority of each issue and estimate how much effort it will take to fix them. The whole team can then vote on who to address the issue and which team members would be best suited for the task. This allows the team to make simple decisions during planning based on accurate data.
  • Clarity During Sprint Planning – Stepsize users are able to filter labels so that they can instantly retrieve all the issues that are related to the discussion they are currently having. Additionally, this helps users identify technical roadblocks early on, and as a result, they will not build up into larger issues that are more difficult to fix.

Does Your Data Go to the Stepsize Cloud?

One of the issues some people might have when using a product like this are related to privacy. It is reasonable for people to be concerned about their privacy, especially if they are working on sensitive projects. Fortunately, users do not need to worry about their code going into the Stepsize cloud.

Stepsize knows that privacy is of the utmost importance for many of its users, and as a result, they only store the minimum amount of 3rd party data needed to provide their service. This data includes code metadata that is not sensitive information.

What Are the Stepsize Pricing Plans?

There are currently three pricing plans available for aspiring Stepsize users.

  • Free – $0 per user, per month. The free plan allows an unlimited number of users on a single team to use basic features. Up to 30 issues can be worked on at a time. Get quick reports of issues, editor integrations, pull request integrations, and slack integration.
  • Team– $15 per user, per month. An unlimited number of users on up to five teams can be a part of this plan. In addition to the features from the free plan, Team subscribers can access an unlimited number of issues at a time. They get access to an issue tracker, and they can import and export issues. Additionally, there is priority support for Team subscribers.
  • Business – $25 per user, per month. The final and most expensive option at Stepsize is the business model. It comes with every feature that is present in the previous plans, along with SAML support. This plan also supports an unlimited number of teams.

How Can Stepsize Help Save Time and Money?

Stepsize can help businesses save both time and money by increasing the speed at which engineers are able to fix tech issues. As a result, less time is wasted on mishandling tech debit, bugs, downtime, and support requests. This means that more time can be spent on new projects rather than fixing old ones.

Is There a Risk of Wanting to Refactor Everything?

Use Stepsize to Track, Prioritize, and Eliminate Tech Debt

Some engineers might be concerned that once they start using Stepsize, they will want to refactor everything even though they do not need to. They might think that refactoring could make things more efficient in the future, but refactoring would of course take a long time and would be very costly.

Fortunately, users should not have that desire. Instead, having a clear view of tech debt as a result of Stepsize will help your team focus on impactful work and ignore less relevant issues.

What Do the Owners Have to Say?

“We’ve been building tools to help engineers ship better software faster for 6 years. Working and learning from hundreds of the best engineering teams in the world, we found that although 10x engineers might not exist, 100x codebases do. These are the codebases built by teams who have the right processes, culture, and tools to keep technical debt under control and maintain a healthy codebase.” Alexandre Omeyer, Co-founder and CEO at Stepsize

What Are the Customers Saying?

“I’ve been using this with my team for over a month and I highly recommend it! The web app is great to track and organize code debt issues without “polluting” the product backlog. But the killer feature here is the editor integration. Just select code snippets, bookmark and create an issue for later, all that without leaving your code editor.” Breno, SSE and Lead Developer at Terakeet

Final Thoughts

Stepsize is a great tool for businesses that do a lot of web development and coding. Any companies that do these things will deal with tech debt.

While tools like Jira can help resolve issues, they do not put them into context like Stepsize does. It is far better to use tools like Jira with Stepsize so that the tech debt can be put in context, prioritized, and resolved efficiently.

Stepsize is an affordable tool that will help save companies time and money in both the short and long term.

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