Trace is an online tool that lets users instantly remove the background from their photos. It is a part of the Sticker Mule suite of online image manipulation tools. Trace does not require any technical expertise or special skills to use and also lets you add color and images to the background. It uses AI and machine learning to identify the background in an image.

Trace boasts that it can do one-click background removal, which would otherwise take a designer 10 minutes in Photoshop.

Who made it?

Trace is from Sticker Mule, a popular custom design and merchandising platform. Sticker Mule has a global presence with its products and offers a range of image editing tools on its website. Trace is one of these tools.

Who is it for?

Trace is for anybody that wants to remove background from their photos, but don’t want to spend time learning, and using a photo editing tool. Anybody that wants to save time on editing images can consider adding Trace to their workflow.

Key features 

  • One-click background removal — Get rid of the background in your photos in a single click
  • Add colors and images — Replace your empty image background with a color or another image of your choice
  • Easy-to-use editor  — Simple and beginner-friendly editor 
  • Easy Sticker Mule integration — Quickly convert your images into merchandise on Sticker Mule

What does it cost?

Trace is fully free to use online. Sticker Mule merchandise integrations start at $9.

What are the makers saying?

“We want to help you make your awesome photos more awesome. Not everyone is a designer, but everyone wants to make beautiful things. Trace cuts out the subject (like your prized pet) so it can be used in all kinds of different projects.” Anthony Thomas, General Manager, Sticker Mule.

What are people saying? 

“Just tried in a number of different images, it works great… no need for tweaking, very fast & effective. Good job!” Alessandro Bernardi, Co-Founder, Social Elephants.

Check out Trace, now.

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