When I first used Wix to set up my website, I was surprised how much easier it was as compared to coding a website or even using an open-source content management system (CMS) platform like WordPress to create a website.

After just an hour of playing around with the drag-and-drop interface of the website builder, I was comfortable enough with its use as it is very intuitive and user-friendly.

However, I also noticed that a few things were missing, such as control over site functionality, which is an essential aspect of CMS platforms such as WordPress. There wasn’t similar access to code, which restricts the control over functions and layout. Still, the flexibility of the drag-and-drop and having absolute control over the design were refreshing to experience. So, my initial assessment was that with Wix, you have more control over how your website looks and less control over what it does!

Obsessed with finding out ‘the truth’ of products, after familiarizing myself with Wix, I examined some other website builders and open source CMS platforms to see how Wix compares to them.

The following is a summary of my findings, the good, the bad, and the ugly of Wix in 2021:

The good:

  • Smooth onboarding experience & overall good user experience
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Usable Design Templates
  • App market with 300+ apps – Good collection of native apps
  • Free version for a trial run or short projects
  • Incredible Speed & Security because of their own Hosting Servers
  • Fantastic Knowledge-base & Good Customer Support including Phone & Chat
  • Quick Site Setup – Efficient for small sites
  • Efficient Backup & Restore
  • An all-inclusive website builder
  • Superior mobile experience
  • Can schedule blog posts
  • Supports AMP pages for better SEO
  • Can create password-protected pages

The bad:

  • The free version is limited and comes with Wix’s given domain & advertisement
  • Analytics requires a paid plan
  • Unlimited data is available for Business VIP plan only
  • Not good for big websites and specific business needs
  • 3rd party apps are not the best in the market
  • Separate customization of Mobile editor requires all changes to be made Twice
  • E-Commerce is a side advantage, but it doesn’t compare with the capabilities of Shopify
  • Marketing tools and SEO are fine for beginners but professionals ranking for competitive keywords may face issues

The ugly:

  • No access to code
  • You must stick with their hosting
  • You cannot move away from Wix – Migration not supported
  • Depth of Navigation is limited to Two levels – Up to 30 pages only (Cannot manage more pages)
  • No Future Proofing – You can’t expand your site, and you cannot move your site
  • Once you choose a theme or design template, you are stuck with it. Content doesn’t transfer across templates.

Wix is much easier to use than open-source CMS platforms like WordPress due to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Wix ADI – the Design AI – helps you get started. It guides you through each step of the design process to create a complete website.

You have the freedom to move any element to any part of the page, even pixel by pixel, due to the unstructured layout. However, Wix’s unstructured editor can sometimes become disorganized and overwhelming.

The Ultimate Review of the Wix Website Builder for 2021

With hosting available by default, setting up a website is much quicker with Wix. The free version gives you ample time to familiarize yourself with the website builder before you decide to purchase a premium plan.

Wix offers powerful customization as compared to other website builders. It has built-in SEO management. Numerous free templates are available on Wix that allow you to build a variety of websites for different purposes. Wix provides web hosting and domain names.

The App Market is large, with a lot of native apps along with a bunch of 3rd-party apps. The App Market makes it easy to add extra functionality to your sites such as photo galleries, e-commerce, and more.

Who should use Wix?

Before you start building your website, consider your short- and long-term goals. There is no such thing as the ‘best’ or ‘top’ choice for creating a website. The right choice for ‘you’ depends on your goals, needs, and situation.

Using a website builder has its pros and cons. Wix trades off some technical features for added convenience. Imagine you buy a prefab apartment! What you get in this situation is a ‘structure’ that you cannot change, but you are free to decorate the insides as you deem fit.

Wix layouts are sleek and optimized for mobile devices. They are ideal for online stores, small- and medium-sized businesses, busy professionals, and local restaurants. You can enhance the experience using apps available on the Wix App Market. The easy-to-use editor provides helpful tools like animated texts and photo filters.

You can set up a website with Wix within a day and with much ease, but in the long run, it may not be the best solution for many due to the lack of tools for growth and migration. An overall excellent website builder Wix has its limitations, and it cannot perform like certain CMSs & custom websites.

Wix is highly recommended for:

  • Individual websites
  • Small business owners
  • Basic eCommerce sites
  • DIY website owners
  • Blogging
  • Professional Portfolios
  • Short-term projects
  • Quick setup
  • Affiliate Sites
  • Basic Marketing Sites

Who is Wix not for? 

Wix is a website builder and not a Content Management System (CMS), so it doesn’t give you complete charge of your site. You can manage how your website looks, but you have little control over how it performs since you don’t have access to its code.

If you plan on changing your design, template, theme, or layout – Wix doesn’t transfer content – so you are stuck with one design that you chose in the beginning.

Wix has a limited depth of navigation, which means no big sites! Although SEO has significantly improved recently, if you are trying to rank for highly competitive keywords, you may face more difficulty than CMS & custom websites.

If you are planning to grow your website in the future, then Wix might not be the most suitable platform for you. If you plan on moving to another hosting platform, then bad news is that Wix does not support migration. You must copy-paste your content. Also, you cannot self-host your website.

Wix is not recommended for:

  • Big Social Media Sites
  • Large Membership Sites
  • Big Businesses
  • Large Websites like Wikipedia
  • Big Forums like Reddit
  • Sites that want full control
  • Sites that want Self-Hosting
  • Sites that want to grow in future – No scaling capabilities & No migration facility
  • Sites competing for highly-competitive keywords – No advanced SEO & Marketing tools
  • Free Sites can’t monitor traffic on Wix – Analytics require premium plan

Wix Alternatives:

There are a ton of website builders in the market right now. Wix is among the top few! It competes directly with all-inclusive website builders like Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress.com, and many more.


Weebly focuses on easy onboarding, efficient functionality, and getting the balance right yet lags on the design templates front. Unlike Wix, with Weebly, you can build big websites. Offering great value for money, Weebly puts fewer limitations at each pricing tier. The starter tier is attractive for small businesses and personal sites. Weebly allows the use of custom tools, and you can edit the templates using the CSS and place custom Javascript anywhere you want.

PROS: More Pages, Pricing – Value for Money, Access to Code, Editing Design Templates
CONS: SEO, Glitches.


If you want to make your website look good and you are going to rely on visuals, you should try Squarespace as it focuses on design, developer tools, and branding. Their tagline is “Build It Beautiful.” The front- and back-end do look and feel beautiful. Squarespace offers more access to advanced tools via its developer platform. Like Weebly, it also allows you to place custom Javascript.

PROS: Design, Multiple authors, Live Support, AMP (accelerated mobile pages)
CONS: No Free plan & Pricing based on no. of pages & a 20-page cap on the Personal plan

Shopify (Website Builder)

If you plan on opening an e-commerce site, online store, or something similar, you can try Shopify as they specialize in e-commerce. Shopify offers tons of useful eCommerce features as they are focused on one area only.

PROS: E-commerce, easy-to-use interface, Lite Plan – Cheapest among the competition, Buy Button, 3rd Party apps, Multi-currency selling, AMP, iOS & Android apps
CONS: Pricing, Themes, transaction fees with 3rd Party transaction

Website Builder vs. CMS Platform vs. Custom Website:

The above-mentioned all-inclusive website builders also compete with open-source CMS Platforms and options like building a custom website where you type an actual HTML code into a text file and upload it directly to a server.

Website Builder:

Using an all-inclusive website builder is like renting and personalizing an apartment rather than buying a house and owning it. You manage the decor, the layout, and everything related to the living experience – yet you let the owner take care of the infrastructure, plumbing, and security. Therefore, there’s a back-and-forth between comfort and control. Examples: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace.

Custom Website:

A custom website is entirely coded by a web developer, which gives you complete control over your site. The main drawback is convenience, as it requires a lot of learning and doing things manually. Custom websites can be the best-performing option depending upon the capabilities of the web developers and your budget. Large websites are usually custom-built.

CMS Platform:

A CMS platform lies somewhere in between custom websites and website builders. CMS platforms have a learning curve when compared to website builders like Wix, yet they are easier to use as compared to custom websites.

A CMS platform gives you access to its code, unlike most website builders, giving you more control. You don’t have to write code from scratch as for a custom-built website. The sites made using CMS platforms perform similar to custom-built websites.

WordPress is the most popular CMS, which powers around 30% of the websites on the internet. Other popular CMS platforms or WordPress alternatives include Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, and Magento.


Wix is a website builder that helps you make a website with much ease without the need to learn to code yourself. There is a smaller learning curve as compared to custom-built websites and even open-source content management systems like WordPress.

Wix is an outstanding all-inclusive website builder. It has an excellent drag and drop interface, design, and seamless user experience. Wix lacks some features essential for large websites (30+ pages, for example), but it is a decent choice for small websites.

Wix’s all-inclusive-ness means:

  • You will be making your website using their software employing their tools.
  • You will be accessing your website through the Wix admin panel, not through a server dashboard.
  • You will be hosting your website on Wix servers.
  • You will not be purchasing, installing, and handling hosting, templates, plugins, and software individually.

How It Works?

Getting Started: Onboarding

Hailed for their sharp learning curve, website builders keep a straightforward step-by-step onboarding process.

When you register your email with Wix.com, they enlist you in their email sequence, which guides you through the whole process. You choose what type of site you are going to build, i.e., personal or business. From there, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) guides you through the subsequent steps.

Wix excels for its streamlined onboarding process. An irritating aspect is their email sequence that focuses more on pushing Wix premium plans than helping.


The Wix website editor is reasonably simple to use. When in doubt about something, one can check out the vast Knowledge-Base. Introductory videos, email sequence, and Wix ADI also provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you along. Wix maintains a perfect balance in its drag-and-drop interface. It is simple to use for beginners, yet it has enough options to make yours a high-performing website.

The Ultimate Review of the Wix Website Builder for 2021

Website Builder Interface

Wix interface gets you started from an intuitive place. Rather than building from scratch, you have a valuable selection of core elements like navigation elements, menus, boxes, buttons, and more. 

Wix goes beyond the basics and offers a unique element called ‘Repeaters,’ which makes repetitive tasks a piece of cake. Wix also boasts an App Market with 300+ apps with additional features for your website. Some of these are paid apps.

The Drag-and-Drop

The drag-and-drop literally means that you drag and drop elements wherever you want them – even pixel by pixel – unlike structured website builders like Squarespace that have a set layout. Wix has enough tools, templates, and guidelines to help you create a website you envision.

Mobile Version Customization

The Wix mobile editor allows you to preview and edit your page as you would see it on a mobile device. The unstructured editor provides freedom, but you must make the same changes twice, once for the desktop version, and once for the mobile version. The mobile experience is considerably better due to this freedom as compared to some other website builders.

Templates and Design AI

Wix innovative templates and “design AI” significantly reduce your designing efforts, depending on your goals. If you intend to build a site on your own and are not familiar with coding, then it’s perfect for you. But if you need command over all aspects of your site, it’s not the ideal option. Wix backend and overall design are practical enough for small websites with fewer pages and functions.


Wix autosaves your progress, but there’s also an “Undo” option available if and when required. The “Publish” option makes your site accessible to internet users. So, the deployment is pretty much standard.

Pricing plans

Website builders have bundled pricing options merging hosting and software costs. Therefore, they can be a tad more expensive than custom websites at times and sites built on CMS platforms.

Wix has seven separate pricing plans in 2021 – four of them are for generic websites – including the Free Plan – and three of them are for e-commerce sites. Professional websites with necessary features such as your personal domain name and e-commerce sites require ad-free premium plans that range from “Combo” to “Business VIP.” The most affordable ad-free plan, including a custom domain, is $8.50/month (yearly payments).

The Ultimate Review of the Wix Website Builder for 2021

Domain & Email

Domain names on Wix cost around $14.95/year. With G Suite, you can use Gmail for a custom email address. Wix permits the use of a custom email address with G Suite.

You get a free domain for 12 months with the premium “Combo” plan and all higher plans. Wix allows .com, .net, .info, .co.uk, and .org domains. You can shift your current domain or point it from some other domain registrar to Wix using the “Connect Domain” package (and higher). Each Wix plan contains SSL encryption (https).

Wix Hosting

When you build a website using Wix, you must use their hosting, and you can’t go elsewhere, which can be a constant headache if you intend to migrate from Wix in the future.

Free Version: Is Wix really free?

Wix offers a limited Free plan where you must use a Wix subdomain (e.g., yourwebsite.wix.com). Wix displays its ads and provides limited functionality. There’s a 500MB bandwidth limit, and the URL is pretty unfriendly. Still, the Wix Free plan is an excellent choice for short-term or temporary projects or trying out Wix before upgrading.

Prominent Features of Wix

Design Templates

Designing a website is a troublesome job. But thanks to website builders like Wix, using a template for a foundation and then customizing it is an easy way to start. Wix designs are responsive, making things extra easier for the mobile version.

Wix is generous with its templates and provides users with 500+ options. You can’t switch templates, which leaves you with whichever of the available options you commit to in the beginning. The designs are professional, but Wix doesn’t let you do CSS customization.

The Ultimate Review of the Wix Website Builder for 2021

Technical SEO Features

Restricted in their tech features by nature, some website builders perform better than others. Technical features such as clean URLs, page-level redirects, editable metadata, etc. are core features that professional developers employ to make a website better.

Wix lags in this regard as it builds and serves the pages in an unworthy way. The system has much improved since the Flash technology, but it is still ungainly. URL structures, for example, work but are not ideal.

Marketing Features

Websites require active marketing to attract traffic. Features such as email signups, landing pages, social media share buttons, etc. help market your site. Wix provides more native apps than its competitors but lags when it comes to third-party apps.

Support & Service

Wix provides customer support through its detailed Knowledge-Base, Phone, and Email Tickets. Phone support is only available during business hours.


The blog add-on is SEO-friendly and feature-rich. It has essential features like tags, RSS, categories, etc. Your site visitors can comment on your content using the Wix commenting system. Scheduling blog posts is also possible. Read about the new Wix blog and old Wix blog support articles, though. With Wix, you can also edit your posts on the mobile app.

The blog editor is a structured text editor that lets you embed images in your posts. The editor supports standard blog features: authors, categories, drafts, along with some cool additional features: cover photos, view counters, avatars, like counters, and “read time” estimates.


Wix provides an online store in the “Business & eCommerce” packages. You can sell digital and physical products while tracking your stock.

E-commerce is a magnificent addition if you are already on Wix and want to start selling, but it is not a complete e-commerce setup. Wix only provides essential e-commerce functionality. Websites that are primarily focused on lead generation but also want to sell a few products can benefit from this. But it’s not recommended for websites that are entirely e-commerce sites. For e-commerce only websites, Shopify might be a better alternative.

The Ultimate Review of the Wix Website Builder for 2021


Popular monetization methods are all supported. You can integrate Google AdSense or display banner ads or use affiliate links, for example.


Wix supports 16 languages. Multilingual websites are an option, but I wouldn’t recommend it for big websites as it’s not great for SEO.

Password-Protected Areas:

You can allocate a unique password to a page. You can also create a small membership site, where users can sign up to get their login credentials.

Visitor Stats:

For statistics, you have to integrate Google Analytics in advance, which requires a premium plan. You can also try some other tracking tools from the Wix App Market.

HTML Code:

HTML iframe allows you to embed several widgets and tools. Moreover, with Wix Code (Corvid), you can structure custom API interactions via JavaScript.

Storage Space:

You can create databases with Wix. It gives you 500MB – 20GB webspace, depending on your package, but there’s a bandwidth limit (monthly) in some plans.

Backup and Restore:

‘Site History’ is a version control system. You can restore a page to a previous version with a single click.

Pros of Using Wix

Wix is an excellent solution for DIY website owners with no coding skills. Wix focuses on built-in marketing tools and specific needs of small business owners who just need a website that works.

Speed & Security

Speed is an important SEO and user experience factor. Fortunately, Wix sites are fast. One significant plus point of hosting a website on their server, at least in my opinion. Wix websites are carefully optimized, which means their professionals ensure your site stays fast  – and secure.

Onboarding & Site Setup

Wix provides a very smooth and straightforward onboarding experience with a lot of guidance from the email sequence and Wix ADI. Quick site setup is a huge plus point of Wix.

Built-in Features & App Market

Wix offers a wide range of features and an entire App Market with over 300 native and 3rd Party apps. Using these features and apps, you can add valuable functionality to your website. Some examples of these features are listed below:

  • Chat 
  • Forum
  • eCommerce 
  • Restaurants
  • Bookings
  • Events
  • Art Store
  • Free HTTPS
  • Quotations for customers
  • Logo Maker
  • Integrate payments
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Invite contributors
  • Automated responders

Product Investment: Skin in the Game!

Understanding why and how your service provider is making money helps you make effective long-term decisions. A website builder, generally, is a component of a product suite, and it, standalone, has little value for these companies. Wix is an autonomous public organization entirely dedicated to offering website builders, so they have the motivation to keep upgrading their primary product.

Design Templates

Wix provides plenty of design templates that are easy to customize and cater to many business and professional website needs.


Wix provides customer support via phone, an extensive knowledge database, as well as email tickets. Wix offers phone support during business hours only. The documentation of the knowledge-base is detailed and articulate. For most of the issues that you encounter, there is either a knowledge-base entry to help, or, sometimes, even an instructional video tutorial!

You can even submit your query to the forum. Answers are usually prompt, but sometimes there are back and forth emails until they resolve the issue. Wix websites have a substantial advantage: If there’s an issue, Wix must fix it!

Site Promotion

Built-in SEO:

Wix has improved its SEO significantly. You can now edit page titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags individually. Wix even has advanced SEO tools like 301 redirects now. You can modify the URL of each page for better SEO.

Social Media Posts:

Like Canva, Wix gives you tools that help you create social media content. In essence, it’s a basic photo editor. You choose an image and then modify the text so you can share it on social channels with relative ease.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one powerful tool that helps with lead generation. You can use Wix’s own “ShoutOut” newsletter service. It’s pretty handy and straightforward to use, but it is not as robust as some external providers such as MailChimp.

Business Customization

Entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and busy professionals are the target audience of Wix, generally. Wix has done an exceptional job of identifying their needs according to their business models and then providing custom templates and features for everyone.

As soon as you sign up, you must select the business type. After you make a selection, your settings are pre-set based on your choice – that includes featured templates. It makes the onboarding process even faster.

Cons of Using Wix

Wix has significantly improved since they said goodbye to their Flash-based builder. Yet, there are some limitations to using Wix. A few of them are as follows:

Platform Lock-in

Unlike other website builders, once you have chosen a website theme, you can’t easily switch to another one. You also cannot transfer content from one template to another. So, once you have selected a theme, you are basically stuck with it, which makes it hard to revamp your site. But within that theme, you’ll have unmatched flexibility.

Long-Term Pricing

As of this writing, the initial paid plan of Wix begins at only $13/mo, including a complimentary free domain for the first year. But in the long run, it costs you more than a self-hosted custom website. Wix doesn’t provide unlimited file storage or bandwidth for cheaper premium plans. Wix is a short-term gain, long-term pain kind of a solution for many – especially big websites. So, Wix is a tad more expensive than its main competitors.

Technical SEO

Wix had an awful reputation regarding SEO, but it has mostly fixed the issues. It used to be a Flash-based website builder, but they have moved on from Flash, thankfully. Today, Wix provides everything most users need for SEO. Generally, websites only require essential SEO and more enhanced design for better user experience. However, if advanced SEO is a crucial component of your business plans, then Wix is an inconvenience. Wix still lags behind CMS platforms and custom-built websites.

Apps and Extensions

There is a limit to how many features Wix can add to its platform. So, the Wix App Market supports third-party apps. But, most of these are not real apps, per se, they are iFrames that enhance a brand-new page.

Wix solution – or hack, if we may – works, but it is far from ideal. Most users require apps that do the following:

  • Install quickly.
  • Integrate into their site(s) seamlessly.
  • Don’t disturb the function of their web analytics.
  • Don’t present any accessibility problems; Wix iFrames hack fails to impress here.

Technical Constraints and Latest Marketing Tools

Wix offers several built-in marketing tools and native apps, especially for small businesses. But if you require something else, appending any supplementary code to the website is challenging.

Unfortunately, the depth of navigation is restricted to two levels only – up to 30 pages only – and you cannot manage more pages. It doesn’t accommodate complex site structures. So, you cannot future-proof your website.

Wix is still missing superior marketing features, and many features are tricky to use. Enhanced marketing tools from third party builders are also not compatible in some cases.

Data Export

You cannot export your data from Wix to another platform. Imagine all your belongings superglued to a place – and you are paying for the glue as well!

If you plan on moving away, disaster awaits: You need to copy-paste all your content one by one to the other site. A hack is to (always) back up your data somewhere other than at Wix servers.

Flexibility & Control

As Wix doesn’t give access to its code, you lose a lot of control over your website.

Premium Plans – Single Site Only

The premium features aren’t transferable. Any feature that you buy for one site is only available for that site.

Migration – Site Not Transferable

It is burdensome and extremely time-consuming to move away from Wix if you have surpassed the total capacity for some reason. For example, you need 50 pages with multi-level drop down menus! There’s no way you can conveniently and swiftly migrate your content!

If you believe you’ll grow fast enough to exceed Wix’s capacity, and you also don’t have the resources for custom web development at the moment either, for now, merely keep in mind one thing. The potential migration cost down the line – in terms of time mostly as well as money! Having long-term implications, this is tricky to judge in the early stages of a business.

Tracking & Analytics – For Paid Plans Only

To see how well your site is performing, you need Google Analytics or similar tools. Unfortunately, to use them with Wix, you must have a premium plan.

FAQs About Wix

The Ultimate Review of the Wix Website Builder for 2021

Is Wix Safe & Secure?
Yes, Wix is safe to use. It is a publicly-traded company with well-established legal, privacy, payments, and product standards. Wix, like its peers, employs the best available security.

Is Wix any good?
Wix is an excellent choice for small sites and businesses and short-term sites and businesses.

Is Wix good for SEO?
Wix is good for basic or essential SEO, but it needs improvement for advanced SEO. So, I don’t recommend Wix for highly competitive keywords.

Who owns Wix?
Wix is a public company whose CEO and Co-Founder is Avishai Abrahami.

Is Wix Better Than WordPress?
The answer depends on several factors, including your needs, wants, verticals, and budget, among other things. Wix is a decent solution for most users. If we were to summarize WordPress vs. Wix: Wix can be a tad more expensive than self-hosted WordPress, but WordPress requires more maintenance and learning. Yet, over the long-run, WordPress offers comparatively better growth options. Wix concentrates on quick onboarding and ease of use for DIY site owners who crave a maintenance-free, hassle-free experience.

Is Wix good for blogging?
If you want a visually-appealing blog that is quick to set up and requires little to no maintenance, Wix is an excellent choice. Although Wix offers numerous features and tools for a blog, they don’t compare to some platforms purpose-built for blogging.

How much traffic can a Wix website support?
Wix sites can handle thousands of visitors at the same time, but the cheaper premium plans have data and bandwidth limitations. To manage a high amount of traffic, you can upgrade to a Premium Plan that includes more bandwidth.

Can I create a members-only area?
Yes, Password-protection of pages is allowed in Wix, which can be used to create members-only areas.

Does Wix support 301 redirects?
Yes. Wix has functional SEO and marketing tools.

Can I use Disqus for comments on my blog in Wix?
Yes, Disqus can easily be set up in Wix by getting a Disqus account, connecting your website, and adding HTML code in the blog and some HTML in the page’s body.

Can I import my existing blog into Wix?
Yes. Add the Wix Blog feature to your site. Go to the ‘Posts’ tab on the dashboard. Click the ‘More Actions’ button. Click ‘Import WordPress Posts’.

How do I use a domain name that I already own on Wix?
Wix has a ‘connect domain’ facility, which is supported by all plans except the Free Plan.

Does the “Connect Domain” plan really show ads?
Yes, ad-free plans start from ‘Combo,’ which costs $13/month, as of this writing.

Do I need my own webspace to use Wix?
No, Wix hosts all the websites on their own servers.

If I use Wix to build my website, will Wix own my content?
According to Wix, the owner of the content is the owner of the Wix account under which the content was created.

Does Wix run both on PC and Mac?
Yes, Wix supports editing your site with almost all browsers including Mac’s Safari version 12 and above.

What is Wix Code (Corvid)?
Corvid is an open development platform. It lets you build advanced web applications.

If I choose the Wix Personal package now, can I later change to the Performance plan?
Wix allows you to upgrade your existing Premium Plan to a plan with more features, or a longer subscription period. The upgrade takes effect immediately.

Should I purchase my domain name from Wix? Or should I use a service like GoDaddy?
Wix domains don’t incorporate ‘WHOIS Privacy’ that anonymizes your contact information. You must pay for it separately. However, it’s included in domains bought from third parties such as Namecheap.

Does Wix provide email accounts?
Wix plans don’t include email accounts. Wix’s approach is to offer G Suite, a Google cloud solution that provides professional email.

How much does Wix cost?
Wix has seven pricing plans that range from Free Plan to Business VIP Plan.

Who owns a Wix website?
The owner of a Wix website is the owner of the Wix account under which the website was created.

Is Wix free to use?
Wix has a limited free plan, but it is not very professional for business purposes.

Which browser should I use for Wix?
Almost all the latest browsers are supported by Wix. So, the choice is really up to you.

What can I do with the Wix iOS & Android App?
You can manage your business with the Wix mobile app. Every site in your Wix account is connected. You can perform different tasks like chatting with your visitors, viewing notifications, and managing Wix apps that you have on your site.

Is there a free trial for Wix Professional or Performance?
Wix offers a 14-Day Trial for all Premium Plans.

Can I really use the free version of Wix and connect my existing domain name for free?
The free version of Wix doesn’t support the ‘connect domain’ facility. Connect Domain is available for all plans except for the free plan.

Where is Wix from? Where do they host my website?
Wix is based in Tel Aviv, and they host all the websites on their own servers.

What is Wix Uptime?
Wix has an excellent Uptime because they host websites on their own servers.

Is Wix Reliable?
Yes, established in 2006, Wix is a reliable website builder with over 150 million users and over 4 million premium users.

Final Thoughts on Wix

Just like any product, Wix has its pros and cons, most of which I have discussed in this 2021 Wix review. I have made recommendations on who should use Wix and who should not.

I have shed some light on the differences between using a website builder, a CMS platform, and a custom website. To facilitate the readers, I have also explored how Wix works, and what are some of its prominent features. Wix performs well as a site builder and offers breathtaking website development speeds. It checks off most of the right boxes and provides value-addition with extra features, templates, and marketing tools.

With its built-in features and tools, Wix offers a lot of convenience to DIY site owners, but it falls short of the mark for pro developers and big websites with long-term or quick-growth plans.

I recommend Wix for smaller websites (not more than 20-30 pages) that want to look great, be out there asap, don’t intend on switching themes, or don’t plan on migrating.

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The world of graphics design has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years. Designs unimaginable in the past are easy to create today. Designing tools and suites have discovered crazy, creative geniuses from all over the world. One of these high-performing design tools is Canva. It opens up a wide array of easy, attractive designs that fulfill personal as well as professional interests. If you are a budding designer,...

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\In 2022 it can be difficult to keep track of all of the things in your life. Life has a way of getting away from us, and as a result, we need all the help we can get. Fitness is one of the things that can often be left behind, but by finding the best smartwatch for fitness, you will put yourself in a better position to succeed. When you...

7 Best Voice Communication Apps for Gaming

If you are new to gaming, you probably would expect to be sitting by yourself while you are playing video games, but that does not need to be the case. These days, there are tons of video games that have multiplayer modes. In these modes, you can play with random people or with your friends. If you are playing with friends, you should look for one of the best voice...

5 Free Online Tools to Grow Your Business

Whether you are building a new startup or have already founded a company, you need to learn and do a lot of things to grow your business. If you have limited resources and time, you should consider using free online tools. Luckily, there are a ton of free online tools that can help you stay within your budget and scale your company. By simplifying your marketing and management processes, they...

What’s New in Canva: Latest Features in 2021

Canva brings a handful of new features and capabilities to your app, including new game templates, integration with Google Sheets and image style match. This is not all. We are excited to write about their latest launch of Canva Video Suite. We’ll walk you through all the new improvements, but first, let’s dive deeper into what Canva is. About Canva Launched in 2013, Canva is a graphic design and publishing...

10 Nutrition Apps to Help You Get Fit and Healthy

Whether you are trying to lose weight or put on muscle, it is essential that you learn to manage your nutrition. You can work out as much as you want, but if you are not managing your nutrition effectively you will not reach your goals. To track your calories and macronutrients, it is a good idea to download a nutrition app. Here are 10 good options that you can consider....

10 Free Video Chat Apps That Make Chatting Easy

Video chat apps are useful tools for collaboration and communication. They can be used in the workspace to easily host meetings with colleagues, and they can be used with friends to catch up when you are unable to visit. Fortunately, there are several free video chat apps for you to check out. Here are 10 of the best options. 1. Zoom Zoom emerged as one of the most popular video...

Reshift Security: Find and fix vulnerabilities in your JavaScript code

Reshift Security is a security tool that helps developers find and fix vulnerabilities in their JavaScript code. Reshift Security is a developer-first tool, which means that the team has designed it to help make the coding process easier for developers. It’s also a light and easy-to-use tool and requires very little setup. Who made it? Reshift Security is from a team of five people working to improve code security for...
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