The speed of your website is a major contributing factor to its SERPS, web traffic, and SEO ranking. Many elements can contribute to how fast your website performs. The first step in a full assessment is a speed test. There are many online website speed test tools, most of them are free, some are paid. In an instant, these tools will be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the issues affecting your site’s speed and help you improve your site’s overall user experience

Here are the best tools we have found for checking and assessing your website’s speed.

SpeedCurve (Paid)

The Best Tools for Checking Your Website’s Speed

SpeedCurve lets you ‘see how real people experience the speed of your website’. Trusted by some very high profile companies such as Forbes and Hubspot to name a few. 

One of the most comprehensive and advanced tools for measuring website speed and performance available today. 

When it comes to measuring the users’ experience on your site, not all web metrics are equal in importance. This tool allows you to focus on the vital metrics. On top of this, they display all the data in a clear and easy to understand visuals.

Key features

  • Benchmarks your site against competitors to see where you stand
  • Correlate web performance with user experience to see where you fall short
  • Measure when your most important content renders on the site 
  • Track the impact of web performance on your business metrics
  • Create performance budgets and get alerts
  • Debug web performance issues at the page level
  • Mobile device and emulation show you the whole picture
  • See the impact of ads and third parties on the speed and effectiveness of your site
  • Create and share custom charts and dashboards for in-depth visual representation of your site metrics

GTmetrix (Free)

The Best Tools for Checking Your Website’s Speed

GTmetrix is a 100% free application that will provide a detailed and thorough report on your website’s speed. It displays results as grades for different factors such as ‘browser caching’ and ‘minify javascript’. It then gives a priority level for each recommendation to highlight the severity of the issue. 

GTmetrix is one of the most popular speed test tools on the market with over half a billion web pages analyzed to date. 

Key features

  • Ability to analyze a site from servers in different countries and browser types
  • Key performance recommendations and summary
  • Web performance can be displayed in graph form
  • You can simulate you’re the speed of your web page on different devices
  • You can playback web page loads with videos

This tool sits in the middle ground, offering many features that cater to the advanced user while still being useful for the beginner or casual use at the same time. 

Uptrends (Free and paid)

The Best Tools for Checking Your Website’s Speed

Uptrends is mainly a detailed web performance monitoring aid, so you can be 100% sure they know what they are doing. 

This free tool delivers on its promise. It gives you the features you need to see exactly what slows down your website along with a host of easily actionable tips. 

You can get a concise snapshot of the experience your users are getting when they land on your site along with the data you need to make performance-related decisions. 

Uptrend’s best feature is its ability to analyze every element on your site. It will tell you the quantity and size of your elements, image allocation, script files, CSS, and HTML files. The waterfall report will alert you to slow loading elements and bottlenecks, ‘helping you get your performance budget under control’. 

Key Features

  • Inspect Google PageSpeed Insights score
  • Recommended improvements laid in easily understandable terms
  • Important page metrics all catered for
  • Page load progression waterfall report
  • Compare page speeds from different browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Check website speed from any location worldwide

Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

The Best Tools for Checking Your Website’s Speed

Because this tool is made and owned by Google, all the user experience metrics are based on your site’s performance on the Chrome UX report on desktop and mobile. 

When you run the test on your site, you will get lab data that is related to performance issues and field data which gives results in real-time that are taken from the experience of your visitors. 

This speed test tool favors small to midsize businesses the most as well as solo website owners that value simplicity and straightforwardness more than anything else. 

Key features

  • Provides a page speed score and suggestion on areas of improvement
  • Has the advantage of improving web page retrieval speeds when users access web your web page from Google’s search engine
  • Real-world field data available
  • New core web vitals metrics measured related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. 
  • User experience measured using your page’s metrics

Pingdom (Paid)

The Best Tools for Checking Your Website’s Speed

Pingdom helps you gain instantaneous insight into the availability of your website as well as measuring its performance and speed. 

More aimed towards advanced users with advanced needs, this tool has everything. It gives you the features to be able to dig as deep down into your site metrics as you need. 

Pingdom lets you single out every element individually and the data you uncover can be represented as graphs and charts. Then, you can streamline your most crucial webpages for better overall user experience. 

Key features

  • Easy to use and start monitoring in under a minute
  • Examine every aspect of the performance of your site from CSS, HTML, and Javascript
  • Allows you to make informed decisions to optimize your site and reduce the size and load times across the board
  • A full range of data visualizations to guide you to a better understanding of how the different elements and content appear as your page is loading
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and improve your test score
  • See the impact of each alteration in real-time, identify trends, and get performance grades

IsItWP (Free)

The Best Tools for Checking Your Website’s Speed

This speed test tool is free and is as beginner-friendly as they get. It is as simple as copy and pasting your web address and clicking the test button. IsItWp runs multiple tests that give you a window into what is affecting your site’s performance the most. 

IsItWp will give you a list of suggestions on how to improve site speed as well as a clickthrough option on each category, taking you to a troubleshooting page.

This is a great place to start to get a grasp of the basics of site speed management before you move onto a bigger, more advanced tool.

Key features 

  • Results overview broken down into categories such as page title, site screenshot, time take to load your site, performance grade, page size overall, and the number of requests being sent
  • Improvement suggestions that breakdown the problems
  • Details of loading times on a page by page basis

Which speed test tool is right for you is closely linked to how deep you want to dive into the metrics and performance of your site. If you just need to tidy up a few bad performing elements and leave it at that, the free tools on offer are more than adequate. 

If you need a more comprehensive speed audit, the paid tools offer a more rounded and complete assessment and are worth considering. The only issue is the more detailed nature of the advanced level tools results in a bigger learning curve to overcome. Some extra tech know-how will come in useful. 

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