As the web has grown into the behemoth it is today, the number of web hosting providers has grown as well. When you set out to make your website, choosing a web hosting provider can be quite challenging because there are so many options, all priced competitively.

Of course, it’s easy to look at free web hosting providers and consider going for one of those. However, you’re unlikely to get high performance from one of the free options, and free web hosting often comes with a downside — with a truckload of advertisement injected into your website.

That being said, if you’re willing to pay for web hosting, you can get a lot more performance. Web hosting services provide a variety of plans for a variety of usage scenarios. I went through the top web hosting providers to help you find the best fit for your needs, judging them in terms of features, performance, pricing, support, and popularity.

Here’s my list of the 10 best web hosting services for 2020!

1. HostGator

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

HostGator is a wildly popular web hosting service that powers over 8 million websites. It is widely known to be one of the most affordable web hosting providers available and has a reputation for providing great value for money on its web hosting offerings.


HostGator markets itself as an easy to use web hosting provider, and it delivers on that promise. It offers unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts. HostGator also boasts an uptime of 99.9%, which is among the best uptime figures offered by any hosting provider.

My favorite feature of this web hosting provider is the Website Builder — a convenient drag and drop interface with built-in themes, templates, and an image library. This is a free inclusion in all of HostGator’s web hosting plans. There are also tons of other free offerings, like free transfers of your website, domain, MYSQL, and Scripts. Additionally, HostGator also offers 52 free easy to install scripts built-in. There’s full support for programming languages and databases, with no notable exclusions. So there’s ample software support.

Another thing I love about HostGator is the excellent email support it comes with, with unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP, and support for IMAP. There’s also support for webmail access through Horde and RoundCube, and spam protection. HostGator also provides unlimited email aliases, autoresponders, and forwarding. HostGator also has spam protection available for its email services.

Plans and Pricing

HostGator has one of the most versatile plan offerings among all web providers out there. HostGator’s Shared Hosting plans are among the lowest, available with Linux and Windows both, starting for as little as $2.75 per month.

HostGator also offers Cloud Hosting, which is a nice middle-ground for people looking for more performance than Shared Hosting can provide, but without spending too much more. HostGator’s Cloud Hosting starts at $4.95 for the Hatchling Cloud Plan, and the best value Baby Cloud plan is priced at $6.57.

The VPS Hosting plans from HostGator offer some of the best value I’ve seen. The plans start at $19.95 per month for the base Snappy 2000 plan. The downside is that VPS hosting is Linux-only.

HostGator’s Dedicated Hosting plans also come with both Linux and Windows hosting, and start at $89.98 per month for the Value Server plan. The best value plan is the Power Server plan priced at $119.89 per month. While these are not the cheapest dedicated hosting plans, they’re backed by powerful Intel Xeon-D CPUs, and offer some of the best value.

WordPress Hosting is also an option HostGator provides, that promises faster load times and increased performance. The price ranges from $5.95 a month for the Starter Plan to $9.95 per month for the Business Plan.

Additional Offerings

HostGator offers dedicated Application Hosting for several services in addition to WordPress, like Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Wiki, and phpBB, with 1-Click installations for all. This is a convenient offering if you’re looking at running a specific kind of website with the least amount of hassle.

Additionally, HostGator has dedicated Windows Hosting plans even though most of its other hosting plans have support for Windows hosting. The web hosting service also has Reseller Hosting options, although those are Linux-only.

Other services include web design services, CodeGuard backup service, pay-per-click, and SEO marketing services. You also get Google and Bing ad credits worth $200 on some plans.

Customer Support

While the features and pricing that HostGator offers are great, the customer support is what impressed me the most about this web hosting service. They offer one of the best and most consistent customer support for any web hosting service.

Their Knowledge Base is complete with tutorial articles, FAQs, live chat, and video tutorials. In addition to this passive support, the active support runs 24*7, with live chat, ticket-based email, as well as phone support, all of which are top-notch.

Customer reviews for HostGator’s support are also mostly positive. If all that isn’t enough, HostGator has a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

Easy to useVPS hosting has no Windows support
Great feature offeringsNo free domain names
Excellent customer support
Free website migration

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2. DreamHost

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

DreamHost is a popular web hosting service that is recommended by, and powers over 1.5 million websites. With nearly 20 years of experience, DreamHost has offerings catered towards both beginners and experts.


DreamHost is a heavily equipped web hosting service. The most impressive feature that DreamHost boasts is 100% uptime. While it’s practically impossible to achieve, DreamHost guarantees it and manages to achieve over 99.9% uptime in real-life testing, which means it mostly lives up to the claim. This is coupled with the faster than average server speed, which I think makes DreamHost one of the best performing web hosting services. Even their shared hosting plans run off of SSD storage.

DreamHost has a focus on user-friendliness, and it markets itself as that. It has an easy to use WordPress website builder called Remixer, which is great for beginners trying to build their first website. While it is very beginner-friendly, DreamHost also packs in a tool suite that has everything that advanced users will need. Another feature that impressed me was the free privacy protection that came with every domain purchase.

DreamHost also offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, subdomains, MySQL databases, and email addresses. It also has a proprietary control panel and extensive scripting support. The one major exclusion is Windows hosting since DreamHost is a Linux-only service. However, you can install Windows on their DreamCompute cloud hosting service, but there’s no official support.

Plans and Pricing

I like the way DreamHost offers their plans and pricing, in comparison to most other web hosting services. Their plans are less confusing, and making a choice is easier. DreamHost’s Shared Hosting is priced at $3.95 per month for the Starter plan and $6.95 per month for the Unlimited plan. DreamHost also offers these plans with monthly billing for $4.95 per month and $10.95 per month, respectively. Shared hosting comes with the website builder and free automated WordPress migrations.

DreamHost’s dedicated VPS Hosting ranges between $15 a month to $120 a month, with all plans offering unlimited websites, bandwidth, email, and 1-click SSL. DreamHost also has powerful, fully managed Dedicated Hosting that offers RAID 1 storage, root access, local MySQL, and DDoS Protection. The tiers start at $149 per month and go up to $379 a month with full upgrades on the Intel Xeon processor, RAM and storage.

My favorite part about DreamHost is its custom-tailored WordPress plans that offer solutions for users with different needs. The WordPress Basic tier has Shared Hosting plans that start for as low as $2.59 per month, the DreamPress tier has managed Hosting starting at $16.95 per month, and the VPS for WordPress tier starts at $27.50 per month. This range of plans is why I would recommend DreamHost to users with the singular focus of running a WordPress website.

Additional Offerings

Like most web hosting services, DreamHost also has a built-in domain registrar service. However, it is built more robustly than most others that I have used. All domains with DreamHost come with free privacy protection, which you would usually have to pay for with most other registrars. The pricing of domains is also competitive. DreamHost also offers free subdomains and easy domain transfer.

DreamHost also has a unique and powerful Cloud Web Hosting, based on OpenStack. It relies on fixed monthly billing charged at the end of the month depending upon your use. This is a brand new offering from their end.

There’s also support for E-Commerce with ZenCart and WooCommerce support. DreamHost also offers $100 Google AdWords credit and Chartbeat for analytics tracking.

Customer Support

DreamHost promises up to 24*7 availability for its customer support with better support offered for managed plans. Support plans are also available à la carte, so you can buy premium support packages for plans that don’t have them. There’s only ticket-based email and chat support, and phone support is noticeably missing.

DreamHost’s Knowledge Base is also one of the best I’ve seen, with detailed information available on not only the necessary topics but also tips and tricks to get the best out of your hosting and get better at other aspects of running a website.

What impressed me the most about DreamHost is that it offers a 97-day money-back guarantee, which is as good as it gets.

Pros and Cons

Great options for WordPressNo Windows hosting
Better VPS hostingMany features cost extra
97-day money-back guarantee
Free domain privacy

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3. Hostinger

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

Hostinger is one of the cheapest and yet best-performing web hosting services out there. While the service lacks some features that you expect from a web host, Hostinger makes up in the price to performance ratio that it offers. Hostinger is very popular, claiming a total user base of 29 million.


Hostinger boasts some of the fastest average load times for any web hosting service, with many users reporting between 50-400ms load time figures. The key to this high performance is the fact that they have servers spread out all over the world, unlike many web hosting services on this list that tend to have US-only servers. Additionally, it promises the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, and I’ve found Hostinger to keep up this promise, making them a high-performance web hosting service.

To add to the high-performance aspect, Hostinger has a proprietary cache manager that improves load times even more. Hostinger also has a custom control panel called hPanel in place of the regular cPanel, and I love how intuitive the user interface of this control panel is. It makes Hostinger very user friendly and great for beginners.

Their email services are also pretty great, with all the essential features like forwarding, autoresponders, and more. The website builder Hostinger offers is also easy to use. In terms of software support, Hostinger covers all bases as well, with separate offerings for E-Commerce and CMS hosting.

Plans and Pricing

Hostinger is the premium offering from the company that runs the most popular free web hosts on the planet — 000webhost. So I was not surprised that Hostinger’s web hosting plans start with the Single Shared Hosting plan, at $0.99 per month, making Hostinger the cheapest premium web hosting provider.

Hostinger’s prices are cheap across the board. Their VPS Hosting plans start at $3.95 per month and go up to $29.99 per month with an increase in server hardware power. Hostinger also offers Windows VPS Web Hosting, although it is priced much higher at a base rate of $26 per month, going up to $250 per month.

The WordPress Hosting plans from Hostinger are among my favorite. They start at $2.15 per month and offer unlimited bandwidth, free domain and SSL, backup and Jetpack, with an unlimited number of websites.

There’s also powerful Cloud Hosting on offer by Hostinger, starting at $7.45 per month and going up to $37 per month. These are fully managed offerings, and I would recommend anybody looking for cloud hosting to consider Hostinger because of their performance.

One notable exclusion I found is that Hostinger doesn’t offer Dedicated Hosting plans, which I feel is a shame given the fact that it’s a performance-focused web hosting service. However, the web hosting service has a ton of other hosting offerings like CMS Hosting with Joomla and Drupal, and E-Commerce hosting with support for Magneto, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce, and dedicated Email Hosting. The starting price is maintained at $0.99 per month, which is impressive.

Additional Offerings

Hostinger has a proprietary website builder called Zyro that is an excellent addition to its feature offerings, but if you find it to be too basic, there’s a premium option for website design. Hostinger offers web design services built-in, starting at $399. This is not a purchase I would recommend to everybody since it’s usually pretty simple to get the website built by yourself, but if you need professional help and don’t mind spending, then you can go for it.

Hostinger has another unique offering — Minecraft Server Hosting. The plans are tailored according to requirements and start at $8.95 per month. These plans come with a ton of features like DDoS protection from Cloudflare, automatic backups, and free MySQL.

Customer Support

My favorite part about Hostinger is its customer support. They have 24*7 support, and the support crew is fun to interact with. Hostinger has live chat and ticket-based support, but unfortunately no phone support. You also need to be logged in to contact their customer support services. However, despite those quirks, Hostinger has one of the best customer support for any web hosting service.

Hostinger’s Knowledge Base has all the resources you could need to get started. The web hosting service also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, although there are a couple of catches with it. Hostinger will also provide a 5% credit on your monthly hosting fees in case it cannot match the uptime guarantee, but I don’t expect them to fail that promise too often.

Pros and Cons

Great performance and pricingNo phone support
Dependable customer supportNo dedicated hosting
Great cache manager
Zyro website builder is robust

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4. Bluehost

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting services out there, running more than 2 million websites. It is also one of the web hosting providers officially recommended by and has been since 2005. If you want a no-nonsense web hosting service for WordPress, Bluehost is the way to go.


Bluehost offers nearly every feature you could ask from a web hosting service. The most notable feature is the high uptime percentage — a key feature to consider when opting for a web hosting service. Bluehost claims an uptime percentage of 99.99%, which is as good as it gets. This web hosting service has held up this promise for years, which means that if uptime is your priority, I would recommend that you go for Bluehost.

Bluehost also offers a backup service built-in to provide you with protection in case your site goes down. This is an important feature that not all web hosting services will provide, so Bluehost has the edge here.

Bluehost also has a ton of software support baked in, which is something that makes it the top web hosting provider in my eyes. There’s the basic software support — cPanel, FTP, SSH access, hotlink, and spam protection. In addition to that, Bluehost has a ton of unlimited offerings, including full email support (POP3/IMAP), including email forwarding and domain hosting with add-on and parked domains, subdomains, and unmetered disk storage with some plans. There’s also extensive support for databases, as well as programming languages. Bluehost also has a free drag and drop site builder.

Plans and Pricing

Bluehost offers tons of plans under different tiers of hosting. Bluehost’s Shared Hosting offers the most affordable plan, which starts at $2.95 a month. I would recommend users with a higher list of requirements but still a tight budget to opt for the Choice Plus plan that goes for $5.45 a month for new users.

Bluehost also offers VPS Hosting. I would recommend the Enhanced plan at $29.99 a month if you’re looking at Bluehost’s VPS Hosting. If you want an even more powerful solution, Bluehost has Dedicated Hosting plans — the most powerful and scalable web hosting you can get. The plans start at $79.99 per month and go all the way to $119.99 per month.

Being recommended by, Bluehost also offers Managed WordPress Hosting plans. There are three plans under this offering, Build, starting at $19.95 per month, Grow at $29.95 a month, and Scale at $49.95 a month, and you can opt for the one that matches your requirements.

Additional Offerings

Bluehost offers a ton of extra offerings in addition to the essential hosting services. There’s a full suite of E-Commerce features that Bluehost packs in, with support for multiple shopping cart options. Bluehost also has a ton of scripting support.

Bluehost has WooCommerce plans built into their hosting tiers, and it also lets you buy extra domain names, in addition to the one domain name it provides for free for a year with nearly every plan. There are also options to purchase dedicated IP addresses, premium SSL certificates, security and backup services, and marketing tools and services.

In addition to all this, Bluehost also offers Reseller Hosting services under ResellerClub.

Customer Support

Bluehost promises 24*7 customer support that includes live chat, as well as ticket-based, telephone, and email support. Customer reviews for Bluehost’s support are mixed, with many people noting that it’s their weakest link.

Bluehost has a Knowledge Base on their website with FAQs and support articles for the most common issues, so you should be able to get most issues sorted without having to resort to contacting customer support.

Bluehost also offers a premium tier for its customer support, called BlueSky. This is targeted towards WordPress users and has plans that go from $29.99 to $99.99 per month. So in case you think you’re going to have to rely on customer support, I recommend you get one of these plans.

Bluehost also has a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

Feature-richNo free site migration
Competitive pricingNo Windows hosting
High uptime percentageSlow server speeds at times
Easily scalable plans

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5. InMotion Hosting

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

InMotion is a very popular web hosting company that is known for its wide range of offerings. No matter what your needs are, InMotion Hosting is likely to have an option for you. InMotion powers over 300,000 domains.


InMotion packs in a ton of features, with full SSD based servers, which assure better speeds. InMotion also offers a ton of free features, like domain name, SSL, drag and drop website builder and website migration. There’s also free website backup of up to 10GBs.

Software support is also versatile, with support for MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and PostgreSQL. There’s also a 1-click installer that will let you install over 310 applications with ease. There’s SSH access available, and support for secure IMAP email and Google Apps integration.

InMotion also has a consistently high uptime of over 99.9%, so server speeds are great. However, InMotion servers are all based in the US, so you might get lower speeds in other regions. If you have a global audience, I would recommend you to look at other web hosting services for your needs.

Plans and Pricing

InMotion has a focus on offering something to everybody, which means that there are a ton of different offerings available. Under the Fast Web Hosting solutions, InMotion offers Shared Hosting starting at $6.99 and going up to $14.71 per month. There is also a WordPress hosting option that offers similarly priced plans between $6.99 and $14.99 per month.

InMotion’s VPS Hosting plans come under two tiers, Managed VPS and Unmanaged Cloud VPS. Managed VPS Hosting plans start from $29.99 per month, while the Cloud VPS plans start at $5 per month with easy scalability. Dedicated Hosting plans also have two tiers here, with managed Dedicated Servers starting at $115.69 per month, and unmanaged Dedicated Servers starting for lower, at $75.99 per month.

Under its Server Solutions branding, InMotion offers custom-tailored plans to Business Owners and Agencies. InMotion also has WordPress focused hosting plans offered with different tiers under VPS and Dedicated Server plans. The pricing for these plans remain the same as the standalone VPS and Dedicated Hosting plans offered by InMotion. If you want a WordPress host with lots of room to grow, then I would recommend InMotion.

Additional Offerings

InMotion also offers Custom Server Solutions for professional users, but no pricing details are available on the website. You need to get in touch with a Hosting Advisor from InMotion to get yourself a custom server package. There’s also a Private Cloud solution that’s in the Beta phase right now, starting at $21 per day, and automated server management with Ansible.

InMotion also offers custom WordPress web design services. The one-page website design starts at $99 with a two-day delivery. InMotion also has a website builder for WordPress based on BoldGrid. There’s also a domain service available for all your add-on domain purchases.

Reseller Hosting is also available under InMotion’s Server plans, with fully managed hosting, assisted setup and migration, free WHMCS license and support.

Customer Support

InMotion has a great customer service that they take pride in, and they deliver the promises they make about being a leader in customer support. They have 24*7 service with live chat, email with tickets, and phone support. They have quick response times.

The support staff is trained extensively to ensure the quickest solutions to customer issues, and the quality reflects in their support. The only issue I’ve noticed is that every customer needs to be manually verified by the InMotion staff, which can be a delayed process at times.

Their web hosting Knowledge Base is also well equipped, covering the important topics at length. If you’re not satisfied despite all the great customer support, InMotion also has a 90-day money-back guarantee that is among some of the best offers for any web hosting service.

Pros and Cons

Tons of plans and custom offeringsServer speeds aren't the fastest
Great customer supportNo Windows hosting plans
90-day money-backDelayed account verification
Free daily auto-backups

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6. GoDaddy

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

GoDaddy is popular for being a domain registrar, but it also offers web hosting and other website building services, which make it a compelling choice. Over the years, GoDaddy has tried to market itself as the complete web hosting solution, and it mostly succeeds in living up to that. It is widely popular, with over 13 million customers.


GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain registrar, and it consistently has some of the lowest prices on domains so that you can expect solid support on domains. You get a free domain name with every plan, complete with free website migration and builder for all of its plans.

GoDaddy is also incredibly user-friendly, as it has geared itself to become the first web host for most people. Ease of use is seen across all hosting services offered by GoDaddy. There’s a robust one-click installed for over 125 apps. My favorite feature is the website builder, which is built to help you get your domain up and running with a website without any hassle. It is very beginner-friendly, and one of the main reasons why I recommend GoDaddy’s web hosting services to beginners. You also get the option to back your website up as per your choice. GoDaddy also offers unlimited bandwidth for all of its plans.

GoDaddy has servers spread out all over the world, reducing the load times for their hosting services. They also have great load times, consistently reported over 99.9%, which means you don’t have to worry about your website being inaccessible.

GoDaddy also has a host of E-Commerce and marketing features baked in, with extensive support for email. Security features are also plenty.

Plans and Pricing

GoDaddy’s primary offering, Shared Hosting, starts at $5.99 per month and goes all the way up to $19.99. These plans all bundle a free domain and free email, along with unmetered bandwidth. GoDaddy does let you upgrade system configurations for your servers from the control panel.

WordPress hosting is also offered with customized shared hosting plans, starting at $6.99 per month, and going up to $29.99 per month. There are WordPress specific tools bundled with these plans, with most plans also getting an SEO Wizard.

GoDaddy’s Self Managed VPS Hosting plans start at $4.99 and go up to $99.99 per month. The Fully Managed VPS Hosting, however, starts at $99.99 per month, going up to $239.99 per month.

Managed Dedicated Hosting comes in two tiers, Linux and Windows. The Linux plans start at $94.99 per month, while the Windows plans start at $124.99 per month.

Additionally, GoDaddy also has a tier named Business Hosting, a VPS hosting offering that is tailored for businesses. The plans for this tier start at $19.99.

I think a lot of the pricing of GoDaddy’s plans is reliant on the inclusion of support rather than the hosting itself. I would recommend you to go for GoDaddy only if support is vital to you.

Additional Offerings

GoDaddy offers Reseller Hosting for users that want to run a hosting business. There’s a ton of marketing tools that GoDaddy offers, which include online stores, digital marketing suite, web design service, SEO tools, and email marketing. Email also has a separate tier powered by Microsoft, which includes Office integration.

GoDaddy also has additional security features available, with a hose of SSL Certificates, website backup, security, and malware protection. You can even get phone numbers for your business from GoDaddy.

Customer Support

As I noted earlier, GoDaddy leans heavily on its service while selling its hosting. The service is among the best, with 24*7 live chat, ticket-based email support, and phone support. The support is as good as it gets, and since the web hosting options are decent, you can go for GoDaddy depending upon your support needs.

However, GoDaddy support is notorious for being difficult when you want to switch to another web hosting provider.

GoDaddy provides the usual 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

Solid offerings and performanceHigher prices
Great customer servicePlans can be confusing
Superior security features
Free domain name

Check out all Web Hosting Plans offered by GoDaddy here

7. Hostwinds

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

Hostwinds is a web hosting service designed for small businesses, to provide enterprise-level solutions at the lowest possible prices. This service is a newer entrant in the web hosting space but has managed to make its mark.


Hostwinds aims to bring a great price to performance ratio to the table, and as such, you get a great feature set. All plans include unmetered bandwidth and unlimited disk space, email, subdomains and MySQL databases.

Hostwinds guarantees a lofty 99.9999% uptime that sounds impossible to achieve. However, Hostwinds is particularly committed to providing the best-uninterrupted web hosting experience to its clients, so they more or less hold their end with this promise. Hostwinds also includes nightly backups and free website migration.

Hostwinds offers a free domain and SSL certificate with all of its plans. You even get a free dedicated IP address — something that is often a separate purchase with most web hosting services. Hostwinds also has the Weebly site builder built-in, which provides ease of use. You also get the Softaculous auto-installer to take care of the software end of things.

Plans and Pricing

Hostwinds offers Shared Hosting starting at $3.29 per month and going up to $5.17 per month. However, these came across as customary offerings to me, as Hostwinds pushes its Business Hosting plans on the same page, promising up to 500% more speed. The Business Hosting is an enterprise solution that starts for as low as $5.64 per month, and maxes out at $8 per month, and promises a much faster server with speed optimizations across the board.

The VPS Hosting offering by Hostwinds is versatile and is one I would recommend. It is offered with both Linux and Windows and managed and unmanaged. Linux plans start at $4.49 per month, while Windows plans start at $7.99 per month. If you’re purely looking at VPS hosting, I would recommend you go with Hostwinds.

I was impressed with the insane customizability their Dedicated Hosting plans offer. You can choose the configuration with options for every specification, quite like building your own server and pay for what you buy, starting at $79.50 per month. Hostwinds nails its VPS and Dedicated hosting offerings, genuinely living up to the business web hosting tag.

It also offers Cloud Server hosting starting at $4.49 per month, and going up to $296.09 per month for a fully equipped configuration. Hostwinds does not offer managed WordPress hosting.

Additional Offerings

Reseller Hosting options are available, with the pricing being the same as the shared hosting plans, but there’s a very competitive bulk discount on offer, which makes Hostwinds one of the better value brands for reseller hosting. Hostwinds also offers White Label Reseller Hosting with equally appealing discounts.

Another enterprise add-on is the Enterprise Email offering under multiple tiers. There’s also support for the WHM panel in addition to the traditional cPanel.

Customer Support

Since Hostwinds has a business focus, it has a great customer support system that feels like an enterprise offering as well. Their Knowledge Base is comprehensive, and one of the best ones I’ve seen. Hostwinds also has a great 24*7 support system, with live chat, ticket support and call support. While these seem to be the standard offerings, Hostwinds has some of the best response times, making their support superior.

There’s also a 30-day (14-day for renewals) money-back guarantee for plans 12 months and longer, and a 48-hour money-back guarantee for plans with durations less than a year. Domains, SSL Certificates, IP addresses and such are not eligible for any refund. While Hostwinds is an excellent web hosting service, I don’t like how complicated their refund policy is. They’re an enterprise-level web hosting service, so a little more room with the refunds would have been better.

Pros and Cons

Great VPS and Dedicated Hosting offeringsRefund policy is complicated
High uptimeNo managed WordPress hosting
Above average service experience
Free dedicated IP address

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8. SiteGround

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

SiteGround is another web hosting service recommended by and is popular for its fantastic customer support. It is also known for having a focus on performance. It currently hosts over 2 million websites and has a proven track record.


SiteGround has a reputation for being one of the best performing web hosting services. The web hosting provider has some of the top load time figures, consistently under 300ms, which is very impressive. SiteGround also promises 99.9% uptime but has a reputation of going past that already very high standard and giving uptime that is very close to 100%. There are very few web hosting services that can achieve the feat. SiteGround also has high-performance servers with fully SSD storage spread out over the world.

What I find most impressive is SiteGround’s custom caching system called SuperCacher, which sends priority data to the RAM for quicker access, cutting down on load times. They also have real-time tracking to battle any downtime that occurs.

SiteGround has a simple tabbed cPanel for easy operability. The control panel also includes a one-click installer called Softaculous, which can install over 400 apps. SiteGround also has CloudFlare CDN built-in, along with NGINX, HTTP/2, and PHP7. Additionally, it uses AI to battle bad bots and has free automatic daily backups.

Another impressive thing about SiteGround is that they promise their web hosting runs off of renewable energy, so I recommend you consider them for your hosting needs.

Plans and Pricing

SiteGround’s pricing isn’t the cheapest, but their investment in their hardware technology makes their infrastructure substantially superior, so the pricing is justified. Their plans are the simplest I’ve seen, but the streamlining also makes their offerings limited. The Shared Hosting starts at $3.95 per month, and goes up to $11.95 per month, with all plans packing in unlimited bandwidth, free WordPress installation, SSL, CDN, email, and unlimited databases. The most expensive GoGeek plan also gets priority support.

Being a recommended web hosting service, it offers Managed WordPress Hosting, which has the same pricing as the shared hosting plans. The plans are identical to SiteGround’s shared hosting, and there seems to be no difference between the two except for the branding. SiteGround has a similar strategy with WooCommerce hosting with identical plans. This web hosting service offers free site migrations and collaboration features as well.

SiteGround does not offer VPS Hosting, but it has options for Managed Cloud Hosting for users that need more control, starting at $80 per month and going up to $240 per month. Dedicated Hosting is branded as Enterprise Hosting, so if you need more, you can opt for this tier. However, no pricing and plan details are available, and you have to get in touch with SiteGround to get a custom-made plan suited for your needs for this tier.

Unfortunately, Windows hosting is completely missing from their offerings.

Additional Offerings

SiteGround offers its top tier GoGeek plan as a Reseller Hosting plan. The limited offerings on SiteGround’s end get even more limited with Reseller Hosting, as the other plans are noticeably absent from this offering.

There’s E-Commerce support through WooCommerce. SiteGround doesn’t provide a free domain, but the basics like SSL certificate and IP addresses can be bought as add-ons.

SiteGround’s offerings are very streamlined, but this causes them to miss out on offering an array of different options like most other web hosting providers. I would recommend this web hosting service to users that want an easy to use web hosting solution that isn’t confusing.

Customer Support

SiteGround is known for its excellent customer support, which is available 24*7 via live chat, a ticket-based system, and phone. The waiting time to get your query addressed is shorter than most other web hosting services. Their support is also more hands-on, so less experienced users will get the required assistance.

SiteGround also has a solid Knowledge Base with support articles, as well as a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. There’s priority support available for those opting for the higher-priced plans.

Pros and Cons

Higher performanceNo VPS or Windows Hosting options
Streamlined plansHigher renewal prices
Great customer support
Renewable energy promise

Check out all Web Hosting Plans offered by SiteGround here

9. GreenGeeks

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

GreenGeeks is a web hosting service with a mission — they are an environmentally responsible company, operated entirely on wind power. This is a relatively newer company, but they have managed to grow big and currently host over 500,000 websites.


GreenGeeks packs in a ton of features into its hosting services. The promised uptime is 99.9%, and the web hosting service lives up to its claims. Load times are great as well, thanks to GreenGeeks having an advanced infrastructure. The entire infrastructure is based on SSD storage with RAID-10. This web hosting service also has a proprietary caching technology called Powercacher, which helps with the load times.

GreenGeeks has free daily backups available for all of its hosting plans, with one restoration per month for free. There’s also an active security monitoring system protecting your website against bad bots and DDoS attacks.

You also get free a site builder, SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, CDN, and unlimited domain support. In addition to this, GreenGeeks offers free site migration. Software support is also great, with HTTP/3 and PHP7 support.

Plans and Pricing

The plans offered by GreenGeeks are quite simple, and the pricing is very competitive. The Green Web Hosting, which is a shared hosting tier, starts at $2.95 per month and goes up to $11.95 per month, all coming with unlimited storage, bandwidth, and free SSL. I was very impressed by this because usually shared hosting plans that are this cheap have a limitation on the storage and bandwidth, at least for the most affordable plan. The same plans are offered under the WordPress Hosting tier.

The Managed VPS Hosting plans start at $39.95 per month and go up to $109.95 per month. In my opinion, the best part about the GreenGeeks VPS Hosting plans is the Management Portal that gives you easy access to settings.

The Dedicated Hosting offerings from GreenGeeks start at $169 per month and go up to $439 per month. There are no Windows hosting offerings available from GreenGeeks.

Additional Offerings

GreenGeeks has Reseller Hosting plans starting at $19.95 per month, going all the way up to $59.95 per month. This pricing goes down to as low as $2 per month if bought in bulk. The reseller hosting also comes bundled with GreenGeeks support.

GreenGeeks also offers a drag and drop Website Builder with support for E-Commerce and hundreds of templates built-in.

Customer Support

GreenGeeks promises 100% customer satisfaction. With 24*7 support through live chat, email, and phone. The support is quick and reliable, and users have mostly given positive feedback about it.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but there’s a catch — if you opt for a free domain that comes with all the plans, then you get a $24.95 penalty on that refund. I find this a bit sneaky because it is a bait and switch loophole for GreenGeeks to not honor the money-back guarantee.

That being said, GreenGeeks has a great Knowledge Base, so you should be fine relying on it for the basics.

Pros and Cons

Environment friendlyHigh renewal prices
Easy to choose plansStrings attached to money-back guarantee
Nightly auto-backups
Great server performance

Check out all Web Hosting Plans offered by GreenGeeks here

10. A2 Hosting

The 10 Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

A2 Hosting claims to be a high performance hosting service, with a focus on performance. They have fully SSD based servers called “Turbo Servers,” which power all of their hosting plans, along with other speed optimizations.


First of all, A2 hosting has completely SSD storage-based servers, which means faster load times. They claim to be powered by technology that makes their hosting have load times that are 20 times faster. They also offer free account migration. A2 Hosting also has RAID-10 for its storage and uses Cloud Hosting to make your storage more reliable. It uses SwiftCache to boost the server speeds further.

A2 Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime, and it delivers on the promise. The web hosting service also offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as email accounts. There is also a free backup service included. Just like GreenGeeks, A2 also boasts a complete reliance on renewable energy. Server locations are spread across the USA, Asia, and Europe.

Software support is not the greatest, but A2 Hosting providing instant updates. Even though some standard software modules are not supported, I think the instant updates are a great addition, since many web hosts tend to take time to support the newest software releases, which is not something you want.

Plans and Pricing

A2 Hosting’s Shared Hosting plans start at $2.99 per month and go up to $14.99 per month. Optimized for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, these plans come with free site migration. The more expensive plans get even faster storage. These plans are also offered with Windows Hosting, starting at $4.90 per month and going up to $10.78 per month. In addition to these plans, A2 Hosting also has Managed WordPress plans that range between $11.99 per month to $36.98 per month. These plans are great for users looking for fast WordPress hosting.

A2 Hosting also offers VPS Hosting in three tiers, with the Managed VPS starting at $25 per month, available with or without root access. Their Unmanaged VPS Hosting goes for much cheaper, starting at $5 per month.

A2 Hosting takes a similar approach with its Dedicated Hosting plans as well, with the Managed plans starting at $141.09 per month, provided with or without root access, and Unmanaged plans starting at $99.59 per month.

Additional Offerings

A2 Hosting has Reseller Hosting available under four different tiers, which carries the best features offered by the company. A2 also provides web hosting solution modules to cater to specific types of websites, like wiki, auction, classified ads, and other supporting feature modules like chat, CRM, dating, E-Commerce, LMS, and more.

There’s also an in-built domain name registrar, but the pricing is not the cheapest I’ve seen, so I would recommend you to buy domain names from another registrar. You can also buy a host of different SSL Certificates from A2 Hosting.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting claims to have 24*7 customer support, but it doesn’t seem to fulfill that 100%. However, it has proven itself to be very responsive to callbacks, so your issue will be solved as quickly as possible. Another advantage is that their support system is well trained and not outsourced so that you can expect better support.

The customer support lets you create tickets to the support, sales or billing department, as well as have a live chat or call. A2 Hosting also offers the standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

High-speed serversSoftware support is somewhat limited
Environment friendlyMigration fee charged to switch server location
Free website migration
Free daily auto-backups

Check out all Web Hosting Plans offered by A2 Hosting here

While it can be difficult to choose a web hosting service, I recommend that you make a note of your priorities and choose the service that best fits your requirements and budget. Keep in mind — the prices we have mentioned are the lowest prices that are available for new signups for the first term, and are likely to be higher at renewal. So keep an eye out for renewal prices, any hidden costs, and cancellation policies, before you swipe that card. Happy hosting!

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