Google AdSense is probably one of the most popular and well-known online monetization tools. If you want to generate income from your website, then AdSense allows this, through ad placements.

However, just because Google is popular, doesn’t mean that it’s the best. There are dozens of other tools that deliver the same benefits as Google. You might even find a Google AdSense alternative more relevant to your needs.

Whether you are yet to sign up for your first AdSense account, or you’ve had trouble with this platform in the past, this is your guide to the ultimate AdSense alternatives.

Why Consider AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense is best-suited to a few specific kinds of websites.

For instance, it makes more sense to use AdSense with a blog, forum, or a site offering a free online service, than it does to use this tool on other websites. AdSense works best on websites that are getting a lot of regular traffic. For years, it’s been one of the leading ways for content creators to make money online.

There are no costs associated with getting involved with AdSense, and the service is incredibly easy to use. However, there are limitations. For instance, you can only use Google’s Ad Network, and no other on your site, which limits your earning potential. Additionally, some people feel that the appearance of Google’s ads aren’t as professional as they could be.

Google AdSense doesn’t always deliver excellent ROI, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn a certain amount at any time. All that, and Google is susceptible to canceling accounts that show signs of possible click fraud.

If you’re tired of the limitations associated with AdSense, or you just want to earn more money, here are some excellent alternatives.


The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

A well-known AdSense competitor run by Bing and Yahoo, is one of the largest contextual ad networks in the world.

Contextual ads allow you to monetize content with relevant ads that appeal to your target audience. You get exclusive access to searches from the Yahoo and Bing network. What’s more, the marketplace provides access to content-driven publishers, so it’s easier to maximize your ad revenue. was also one of the first AdSense alternatives around to deliver a server-side platform for header bidding. You can update your programmatic display strategies, without having to make a lot of effort.

2. Infolinks

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Infolinks is an ad network that’s powered by searcher intent. The idea is to deliver relevant brand messages to customers that are already engaged.

The ads available from Infolinks are fully customizable – which is something you don’t get with Google. Additionally, you can access unique placement options to boost click-through without harming the appearance of your site.

Infolinks uses smart algorithms to determine intent and relevance so that the right ads appear for your visitors at the right moments. Currently, this website supports a marketplace of over 100,000 users, across 128 countries.

3. Adversal

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Adversal is a self-serving advertising platform. With this solution, you can set up your own ads in seconds. There’s a smart interface allowing users to pause, start, and stop campaigns. The whole experience is excellent for usability.

If you want to earn money from having ads on your site, then you can do that with Adversal too. However, your site needs to have its own domain name and at least 50,000 page views per month. This means that if you’re a beginner, you might have a hard time using the service.

The strict guidelines in place with Adversal do mean that you’re part of a more exclusive community, however.

4. Monumetric

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Previously known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric is a full-service ad-revenue partner that allows businesses to increase their revenue while preserving the best possible user experience for visitors. Because this company uses CPM rather than CPC, you earn cash for impressions, not just clicks.

Payment for impressions often leads to a higher pay rate than you would get from a standard Adsense campaign. If you’re looking for a way to increase your passive income, Monumetric is an excellent choice.

Of course, there are limitations to this site. You’ll need a minimum monthly traffic of 10k in visitors, and there’s a setup fee for sites with between 10k and 80k in views. This means that you need to feel sure that you can drive enough traffic to benefit from your investment.

5. Bidvertiser

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Bidvertiser is a fantastic direct advertising network intended to find the best match between publishers and advertisers. Using pre-screened traffic sources aimed at generating conversations, Bidvertiser helps you create more value from your ads.

All the traffic that you get is also completely segmented. That means that if you’re buying ads from Bidvertiser, you’re also going to get a more relevant audience.

The site comes with a referral program that pays for referrals of publishers and advertisers alike. That means that if you can get other people to sign up, then you have more chances to earn revenue.

6. Adbuff

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Another fantastic option for building cash online, Adbuff pays by CPM or CPC. Once again, this means that your visitors don’t have to click on an advert on your site for you to earn money. Once the CPM ad shows, you’ll receive income whenever someone views it.

Publishers receive around 90% of the advertiser revenue with Adbuff. Those are some excellent payment rates for those in search of passive income. Additionally, all the ads served here are suitable for family audiences, so you can rest assured that your site is going to stay on-brand.

To apply for this AdSense Alternative, you’ll need an English language site from the UK, Canada, USA, or Australia. You also need at least 2000, monthly visitors, too.

7. PopCash

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

PopCash is a Popunder network with excellent results to offer today’s advertisers. There are already 50,000 publishers in the community, earning 850 million monthly visitors.

If you’re looking to advertise, then you can start instantly, with nothing more than a $5 deposit. There are even statistics and targeting features included to help you improve the performance of your ads consistently.

If you’re a publisher who wants to earn passive income, it’s easy to get started there too. Publishers can begin earning additional revenue within a matter of minutes, just by adding the right code to their website pages. You can also submit your domain for review too.

One good thing about PopCash is that you can use it alongside AdSense and other advertising options. This makes the service particularly appealing for those who want to build a robust income stream.

8. Adsterra

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Adsterra is one of the leading alternatives to AdSense for both advertisers and publishers alike. If you’re sick of relying on Google, Adsterra offers a fast-growing network, respected around the world. The user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to get started.

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to monetize your website, or you want to get more views and website traffic, Adsterra can help. Along with standard display ads like banners, there are also other options to choose from. You can experiment with pre-roll video ads, and pop-unders, or push notifications for mobile and desktop.

9. BuySellAds

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Probably one of the better-known solutions for buying and selling ads online, BuySellAds does what it says on the tin. This platform sells advertising space on your website for you. While you have control over what your space is worth, you need to make sure that you don’t go too expensive.

With various advertising channels to choose from, including display ads, native performance, emails, and sponsored content, there are tons of ways to get involved.

BuySellAds offers one of the more respectful, and less annoying ways to get the attention of customers for a brand. If you’re tired of relying on invasive and distracting ads, then this is the platform for you. Additionally, every site must be high in quality. Only English language sites with 100,000 pageviews a month are accepted.

10. Evadav

The 10 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2020

Finally, Evadav is an advertising network that focuses primarily on push notifications to grab customer attention. However, you can also experiment with this platform in other ways. Alternative options include banners, native ads for mobile and desktop, and video sliders.

When a user subscribes to the push notification system on a website, they stay connected to that account, earning the publisher a constant daily stream of income. This is an excellent way to ramp up your passive income. Evadav also has a referral program that pays 5% of the revenue made by any referred publishers too.

All the websites on this site are thoroughly vetted and approved. This ensures that advertisers get great placements, and publishers get ads that are brand-safe.


AdSense has a lot of value to offer as one of the market leaders for monetization. However, Google’s service won’t be the right solution for everyone.

If you’re ready to branch out and try something new, the ten options above are sure to deliver excellent results.

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