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5 Free Online Tools to Grow Your Business

Whether you are building a new startup or have already founded a company, you need to learn and do a lot of things to grow your business. If you have limited resources and time, you should consider using free online tools. Luckily, there are a ton of free online tools that can help you stay within your budget and scale your company. By simplifying your marketing and management processes, they...

6 Top UI/UX Design Software Solutions

Entrepreneurs and marketers focus on the visual appeal of their websites to make customers stay there. Showing extra creativity, businesses draw their attention, though users visit hundreds of websites every day. From planning to launching, each step of the product development process is implemented by a whole range of tools. It is essential to keep an eye on the latest UI/UX design solutions to stay in the game. Using the...

Webdesign Toolbox: Find The Perfect Web Development Tools

Webdesign Toolbox is a human-curated collection of web design resources. It has the best selections of web design apps, tools, and other resources for web designers, developers and strategists. Webdesign Toolbox helps users narrow down their pick of web designing resources and cut down the overall development time. Webdesign Toolbox also has a plain and simple design with the tools and resources being the sole focus. Who made it? Webdesign...

Miro App: The Online Collaborative Whiteboard and Meetings Platform

In a world where more and more jobs are being carried out remotely, the apps we use to facilitate this have become more and more vital to our productivity and our efficiency. Agile practices and design thinking are becoming intrinsic to companies large and small. App design is essentially a solution to a pressing problem. The problem here is, how do you facilitate meetings and workshops remotely while allowing everyone...

Inspireframe App: Create Fast and Easy Website Prototypes

The design process can develop into a long and drawn-out affair. Ideas have to be presented to developers, management, copywriters, and your fellow designers. The design process is naturally iterative where a stream of constant edits and changes need to be made depending on results. But what if there was a faster solution than the traditional applications of design prototyping such as Sketch and Figma? Introducing Inspireframe. What is it?...
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