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TLDR This: Turn any article or webpage into a summary with one click

TLDR This is a web app that lets you automatically summarize any webpage or article with a single click. It gives you a couple of different types of summaries as per your need, to help you absorb important content and reduce information overload. TLDR This is also available as a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension so that you can use it as you’re surfing the web. Who made it?...

paint.wtf: A Drawing Game With an AI Judge

paint.wtf is a drawing game where an AI is the judge. Described as “Cards Against Humanity meets Microsoft Paint”, paint.wtf gives you some goofy prompts about what to draw. Your drawings are then judged by an AI, and the best one wins. paint.wtf releases a new prompt every two hours, and has a global leaderboard. Who made it? paint.wtf is a product made in collaboration by Roboflow, a company that...

Rezi 3.0: Use the Power of AI to Build a Résumé With GPT-3

Rezi 3.0 is a résumé builder that uses GPT-3 to ensure users don’t have to put too much effort into making the perfect one. Rezi, with the 3.0 update, now uses the AI power of GPT-3 to build better résumés. Rezi 3.0 also brings in a ton of other features that make résumé building easier. Who made it? Rezi comes from an experienced team that started the project back in...

AI Avatars by Alethea.ai: Create Realistic AI-generated Media From a Single Image

Alethea.ai is an AI Avatar Studio. It lets users create photorealistic, emotive and intelligent AI Avatars, from a single image. It also has a database of preset tokenized AI Avatars available to users, or users can make their own. Users can utilize these avatars to read out a message, or a variety of other use cases that require a narrator. Who made it? AI Avatars is a new offering from...

Anything World: Build a 3D World With AI Using Your Voice

Anything World is an artificial intelligence-driven no-code-if-you-don’t-want-to-code™ 3D platform. It uses a sophisticated algorithm that relies on machine learning to help users generate 3D content. Anything World has access to tens of thousands of 3D objects, with its algorithm bringing the objects to life, saving time required for coding and designing.  Users can request the 3D objects and scenarios they want simply by using a voice command, and Anything World...

Synthesia: Convert text into beautiful AI-generated videos

Synthesia is a service that lets businesses create AI-generated videos from nothing but text. Instead of needing a narrator, a camera, a set, lighting, and everything else, all Synthesia needs is a script. It can create fully personalized videos depending on your needs. The videos are photorealistic and hard to tell apart from videos made by and with real people. Synthesia does this with its advanced API, which is a...
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