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What’s New in Canva: Latest Features in 2021

Canva brings a handful of new features and capabilities to your app, including new game templates, integration with Google Sheets and image style match. This is not all. We are excited to write about their latest launch of Canva Video Suite. We’ll walk you through all the new improvements, but first, let’s dive deeper into what Canva is. About Canva Launched in 2013, Canva is a graphic design and publishing...

Ratio 4: Reduce Distractions with a Decluttered Home Screen for your Android Phone

Ratio 4 is an Android home screen with a focus on reducing distractions. It declutters your home screen, narrowing down the focus to the core essential functionality. It’s an Android launcher that aims at changing the future of mobile UX. It puts all the necessary functionality into three screens. Ratio 4 wants to help people use their phone less, but without the compromises. Who made it? Ratio 4 comes from...

Inspireframe App: Create Fast and Easy Website Prototypes

The design process can develop into a long and drawn-out affair. Ideas have to be presented to developers, management, copywriters, and your fellow designers. The design process is naturally iterative where a stream of constant edits and changes need to be made depending on results. But what if there was a faster solution than the traditional applications of design prototyping such as Sketch and Figma? Introducing Inspireframe. What is it?...

Serene: The App to Get Your Focus Back

Say goodbye to digital distractions and get used to undisturbed ‘deep work’ with the new Serene app, the macOS for laser focus. Soon coming to windows 10, it enables the ever-increasing number of remote workers to maintain a higher level of focus and in turn produce their best possible work. No distractions in just one click.   Serene is an alternative to the drawn-out process of shutting down apps and distractions...
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