Synthesia is a service that lets businesses create AI-generated videos from nothing but text. Instead of needing a narrator, a camera, a set, lighting, and everything else, all Synthesia needs is a script.

It can create fully personalized videos depending on your needs. The videos are photorealistic and hard to tell apart from videos made by and with real people.

Synthesia does this with its advanced API, which is a step up from text-to-speech to text-to-video. It has a database of presenters that can read your script out.

You can also add your own custom presenters, and even become the AI presenter yourself.

Who made it?

Synthesia was founded in 2017 by a team of researchers and entrepreneurs from UCL, Stanford, TUM, and Cambridge. The team currently has 16 members. Synthesia aims to pioneer the use of artificial intelligence and video synthesis to make content creation tools that are empowering, useful, and ethical for everyone.

Who is it for?

Synthesia is for anybody that needs to create a video quickly. It specifically targets two use cases with its CREATE tool — learning resources, and corporate communications. With its PERSONALIZE tool, it targets use cases that can be handled better with some personalization, like appointment reminders and sign up prompts. 

Key features 

  • Synthesia CREATE — Create a narrative AI video with only a script
  • Synthesia PERSONALIZE — Make personalized videos for a variety of use cases
  • Support for 38 languages — Create seamless looking videos in multiple languages
  • 30 free video slide templates — Speed up video creation by using
  • Synthesia API — Use the API to deploy custom videos with a few lines of code 

What does it cost?

You can request a demo to check it out yourself, or request access to the Synthesia API.

What are the makers saying?

“The ability for AI-driven systems to generate audiovisual content is, in our minds, one of the most exciting developments enabled by recent progress in deep learning.” Synthesia

What are people saying? 

“Synthesia is changing how my clients enter the global marketplace by delivering a hyper-local impact. In my world where language is so crucial it makes huge difference. The process itself is so advanced you can’t tell your actor is not a native speaker!” Tanya Bogin, Managing Director, Craft WW

Check out Synthesia, now.

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