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Surfer SEO is a complete SEO suite that promises to make SEO easy while helping your website rank #1 on search. It is a detailed SEO solution which analyzes over 500 on-page signals in one go, checking for a whole range of SEO opportunities, and solutions to use them.

Surfer SEO leverages data to get the best SEO options for users, eliminating human error.

Who made it?

Surfer SEO comes from the Surfer team, which has an experience of 13 years with SEO. The goal of the team is to simplify on-page SEO and make it usable by all. Surfer aims to become the go-to platform for smart teams that want to push their pages to the top of the search engines, quickly.

Who is it for?

Surfer SEO is for users looking for a complete SEO solution that is smart enough to handle the aspects of SEO that the human teams may oversee. It is made of marketers, and content creators, as well as anybody with the basic SEO knowledge.

Key features 

  • SERP Analyzer —  Automatically analyze a ton of factors and patterns and use the data to optimize content
  • Content Editor  —  Create the best content for people and search engines that brings a lot of organic traffic
  • Keyword Research  — Find new keywords for noticeable traffic boost on your pages
  • SEO Audit  — Get a prioritized recipe for higher rankings with just a keyword and URL
  • Keyword Surfer — A Google Chrome extension to search data and perform keyword research in Google Search
  • Content Editor Extension — A Google Chrome extension for WordPress and Google Docs integration with the Content Editor

What does it cost?

  • Basic — $59 per month,  15 SERP and 25 backlinks and visibility queries per day, 25 Content Editor queries per month, keyword research  
  • Pro — $99 per month,  50 SERP and 100 backlinks and visibility queries per day, 100 Content Editor and 50 NLP queries per month, keyword research
  • Business —  $99 per month,  100 SERP and 300 backlinks and visibility queries per day, 300 Content Editor and 150 NLP queries per month, keyword research and white-label reports

Users get a 20% discount if they select annual billing for these plans. Surfer also offers a 7-day trial for $1.

What are the makers saying?

“Surfer uses a data-driven model, which is a viable choice for busy SEOs, marketers, and content creators. Data-driven SEO is about making decisions based on datasets instead of so-called industry standards. No guesswork. You can see what’s working for top-performing pages and use that knowledge to outrank them.” Surfer

What are people saying? 

“Surfer improved the quality of our work and had a real impact on our growth. Since we incorporated it into our stack, we noted a significant boost in our efficiency—over the last few months, we managed to serve more customers with the same team!”  Wojciech Budziak, CEO, Agencja KS.

Check out Surfer SEO, now.

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