Slidepage is a mobile-first web page builder. It lets users create content in the “stories” format, in very little time. Users can create visual and tappable content made for mobile devices. Slidepage is a no-code tool, which means you don’t need any coding or design experience to get started.

Slidepage also has integrations available to help with conversions.

Who made it?

Slidepage is from product maker and designer Dmitry Begovatov. He has also made another similar tool for Russian users, called Storyland.

Who is it for?

Slidepage is for users and businesses that are looking for delivering their web content to new generation consumers. Users with no knowledge of design and coding can create story content.  Slidepage promises better engagement for mobile users with “snackable” story content, that replaces the usual wall-of-text. Slidepage lets you use short videos and text vertical slides to create impactful web content.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Free$0, up to 7 slides, subdomain choice, unlimited buttons and lead forms
  • Pro$10/month, up to 25 slides, custom domain, integrations and support

Slidepage also offers a custom Design tier for users that have the need for it

What are the makers saying?

“Slidepage turns videos and photos on your phone into a fun, interactive website that you can use as a personal page, a landing page for your digital business or a school project” Slidepage

What are people saying? 

“Super cool. I’m a product marketer and definitely want to use this for increasing mobile conversion. Snackable content is definitely where mobile experiences are heading (i.e. TikTok, IG stories, YT shorts)…glad you guys recognized that crappy long-scrolling websites formats can be changed to something so much better!” Dave deCourcelle, Startup & Growth Marketer, Entrepreneur

Take a look at Slidepage, now.

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