SiteGround has quickly become one of the best options for website hosting, and they are often recommended by SEO professionals. To see if SiteGround lives up to its highly positive customer reviews, we have decided to conduct an in-depth review and share the results with you.

SiteGround has received praise from Syed Balkhi, the founder of WP Beginner, the founder of Yoast SEO, and plenty of people on SEO forums and other review sites.

We don’t want you to just take their word for it. Check out this complete review of SiteGround to find out if it’s right for you.

SiteGround: A Great Option for WordPress Hosting

We will review everything SiteGround has to offer so you can make the best buying decision. Because, when it comes to hosting your website, you want to make sure that the hosting company provides everything you want and need.

There are plenty of great options when it comes to web hosting, so our team has spent time gathering everything you need to know about SiteGround before you buy. You can also check out our recent post reviewing The 10 Best Web Hosting Services.

About SiteGround

SiteGround was started in 2004 in Bulgaria. Since then, they have continued to grow and expand to a team of 500+ and millions of happy customers. SiteGround focuses on caring for their clients and continuing to improve their hosting technology.

Their technology is Google Cloud-based, which allows them to provide the latest speed technology to its customers.

Their latest tech upgrade is an SG Optimizer Plugin. Your website speed is an essential factor, and their tests show an additional 20–30% performance upgrade.

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround: A Great Option for WordPress Hosting

You may think that website hosting is simple, but there are many different hosting options. The hosting company is a platform that connects people to your website. It’s essential to choose a trusted website host because if those people can’t get to your website, you’re losing out on valuable customers.

There are many great hosting options, but they aren’t all the same. Every company offers various features, plans, and pricing options.

SiteGround offers hosting for WordPress websites, Welcomer, and Weebly.

If you already have a website built, or just recently purchased a domain, you can easily transfer your website to SiteGround hosting for free when you sign up for a GrowBig or GoGeek plan. SiteGround has transferred over 50,000 domains, so their team will make your website quick and easy.

Getting Started With A New Website

If you don’t have a website, but you want to build one, you can choose to create a new website using different website building options when you signup for hosting. When you signup for a hosting plan on SiteGround, you can purchase a domain right from SiteGround and then start building your website. If you already bought a domain from somewhere else, you can transfer it to your new SiteGround account.

We know that starting a website from scratch can be overwhelming if you don’t have experience. SiteGround offers some great resources that can help you build the perfect website using WordPress, Weebly, or WooCommerce. We found that the website building process was much easier with the step-by-step instructions from Siteground.

Siteground offers a WordPress Starter Plugin that helps you create a functional website quickly and easily. This plugin will recommend themes and other helpful plugins to make your website excellent.

SiteGround: A Great Option for WordPress Hosting

There is also a helpful WordPress staging tool. The staging tool allows you to create a copy of your site so you can test website changes before implementing them on your live site.

SiteGround is currently hosting over 2 million domains, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Plus, you can start hosting your website for just $0.99 for the first three months thanks to a special offer from SiteGround.

If you’re ready to get started with a brand new website click here

Website Transfers

If you have more than one website or if you’re planning to build more websites, the GrowBig and GoGeek hosting plans allow you to host unlimited websites from one SiteGround account. You can easily switch from one website to another right from your dashboard.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is an excellent option if you are reselling websites or building websites for a bunch of clients.

A common problem for website designers is deciding how to host their client’s website while still allowing the client access to make changes in the future. Siteground offers the GoGeek plan which is perfect for managing multiple websites for multiple clients.

With the GoGeek plan, you can offer white-label access to your clients. That means your clients will be able to login to a special version of website management tools that don’t have SiteGround branding.

From there, they can make adjustments without interfering with your other sites. That way your clients don’t need to worry about their hosting, but can still access their personal website files, email, and databases as needed.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a significant step up from regular shared web hosting. If your website is getting a lot of traffic, it may be a good time to take your site to the next level.

Cloud hosting gives you your own space in the cloud, instead of being on a shared server. That means your website will be faster and more reliable.

With cloud hosting, you will get your own RAM and CPU that are dedicated to your account. SiteGround offers customers the option to fully customize their cloud, adding extra CPU Cores, up to 128GB of memory, and 1TB of SSD storage to meet everyone’s needs.

You can also set up an auto-scaling feature that adds resources when your website has unexpected spikes in traffic to prevent any downtime and loss in traffic.

Cloud hosting on SiteGround starts at $80 per month, so we recommend this for businesses with an established web presence that needs an upgrade.

You can check out SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting Plans here.

Website Security

Keeping the information on your website secure is one of the most important things. This is especially true for online stores and websites that gather personal information.

Having an SSL certificate is now the industry standard. If you don’t have it your website can be flagged as not being secured, and your SEO will be hurt. That means less customer trust and lower Google rankings.

SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate with every hosting plan. And it’s pre-installed through the Let’s Encrypt project to ensure that your website is secure from the beginning. Some other hosting platforms charge an extra fee for the SSL certificate or don’t install it for you, so this is a big bonus!

Other Great SiteGround Features

SiteGround has all of the basics that a web hosting company should offer. They also add some cool benefits and features that you may not know about.

Student Hosting: If you’re a student, SiteGround offers a hosting plan at just $1.99 per month (regularly 11.99/mo) for a year of regular hosting. That’s a great benefit, especially if you’re on a student budget and want to start a new online project on the side.

Educator Program: If you’re a teacher you can take advantage of free website hosting for you and your students! Recently, the majority of teaching has moved online, and online teaching will continue to grow in the future.

SiteGround offers a free platform to teach your courses to any amount of students. You can create a simple sign-up page for your students, and they can create a free account to start learning.

Being able to host a course, and teach students for free makes this feature one of our favorites. Check it out here

Domain Registration: If you haven’t bought a domain yet, or want to buy another domain, you can buy one right from SiteGround. You can register a new .com domain starting at $15.95 per year.

Some hosting companies offer a free domain when you sign up, but for less than $2 per month makes buying from SiteGround a good option.

Learning Resources: SiteGround offers a lot of valuable resources for free, even if you’re not a customer. One of our favorites is their eBook, “21 Expert Tips to an Ultra-Fast WordPress Site” which is available here.

SiteGround also offers an extensive knowledge base if you need help getting started with your WordPress site, email, and cPanel.

Backup and Restore Tools: SiteGround automatically runs a backup of your website every day. That means if something goes wrong and all of your website content goes missing, Siteground has all of the files saved elsewhere so you can restore your site. Sometimes installing a plugin on your website can cause some issues, so if something does go wrong at any time, then you won’t lose all of your hard work.

With the GrowBig or GoGeek plan, you can also create up to 5 on-demand backups of your website for free. This is a helpful safety net if you’re planning on making big changes to your website.

Customer Feedback

SiteGround: A Great Option for WordPress Hosting

When it comes to buying anything on the internet, customer feedback is important. Before buying anything, you should know what real people have experienced while using a product or service. SiteGround boasts that they have a 99.7% happiness rate, which is amazing.

We searched for what real people are saying about SiteGround and want to share some unbiased positive and negative reviews. We collected reviews from SiteGround, Twitter, and elsewhere because we want you to know if they live up to their excellent reputation.

What Positive Reviews Say About SiteGround:

“Boyana was super helpful, friendly, and save me many, many hours of frustration trying to do this on my own. This was an outstanding example of the reason I support SiteGround, and tell my friends they should use you also. Again, my thanks to SiteGround and to Boyana, for being patient, and helping me get this sorted in a very timely manner.”
Duane –

“Support feels like I am up there in their top ten customers, superb, above and beyond what I expected from a hosting company. Friendly, informative, supportive, positive. Brilliant. Thank you.”
– Robert

“Our Agency hosts around 60 happy customers on our cloud server with you. We are more than excited about the services we have received from Siteground for 7 years now. The servers are running nonstop with minimal or no downtime. Their support team is exceptionally helpful even with issues that have nothing to do with server functionality. Definitely the best choice around. We would recommend Siteground without a second thought to everyone.”
Prodromos –

What Critical Reviews Say About SiteGround:

John: @SiteGround your site seems down, admin pages are NOT accessible. Fortunately my websites are still up.

Siteground: Apologies for the inconvenience! We experienced some issues with our website which is now up and working – that should not have affected any client’s sites hosted on our servers though.

“SiteGround limits the storage space. Limited disk space can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. If your sites use a lot of disk space, it’s bad news. On the other hand, they don’t oversell their servers, so your sites load fast. Ultra-large sites that see hundreds of thousands of visits per month may need resources that even the GoGeek plan can’t adequately cover.”

Steve: On hold waiting for SiteGround support. Estimating 18 more minutes to add to the current 42 minutes… all due to their new acclaimed interface.

SiteGround: The wait time is dynamic and it’s based on the current load. We do have various support channels-phone/chat/tickets and if there’s high load on any of them, you can consider using one of the alternatives.

SiteGround has thousands of positive reviews on their website, and all over the internet. Most of their praise comes from the excellent customer service they provide to their users. When you run into a website issue, you want to fix it ASAP. Siteground has made it their mission and goal to keep their customers happy and worry-free.

I remember when I was switching a domain, it looked like I’d lost everything- hundreds of blogs that each took hours to write. When that happened I couldn’t get ahold of a customer service rep fast enough!

Getting started with a website for the first time can be overwhelming, and it’s stressful when it seems like something has gone wrong and you have no idea how to fix it.

Thankfully, nearly every SiteGround customer has had a great experience when they needed help the most. If you plan on starting and setting up a website for the first time, we are confident that SiteGround will provide you with much-needed help.

Most of the negative feedback we found on Twitter and other review sites is about the SiteGround website being inaccessible, and longer customer service wait times.

The SiteGround support team does a great job of addressing customer complaints and doing their best to solve every issue. For a company of their size, we were pleasantly surprised at how few critical reviews we found.

SiteGround Pricing

SiteGround has a wide range of prices depending on your specific hosting needs. We will be upfront and tell you that SiteGround is not the cheapest hosting option. However, we believe that most of the time you get what you pay for, and the cheapest option isn’t the best option.

Here are the prices and basic features of the shared hosting plans:

Regular $11.95/mo.
Regular $19.95/mo.
Regular $34.95/mo.
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Unmetered TrafficUnmetered TrafficUnmetered Traffic
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Daily BackupDaily BackupDaily Backup
Unlimited DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited Databases
Free EmailFree EmailFree Email

All three plans include great options like a custom website builder, free email addresses ([email protected]), and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Similarly to most hosting plans, you will need to purchase a minimum 12-month subscription. If you decide that SiteGround isn’t meeting your needs,

Siteground accepts all major credit cards for payments, and you can chat with their team about paying via PayPal.

You can find the full list of the shared hosting features here.

The most significant differences in the hosting plans is the number of websites, and the recommended monthly visitors. If you have more than one website, you will need the GrowBig or GoGeek plan. And you may need an upgrade if your website is generating more traffic.

Here is a breakdown of the main differences between the hosting plans:

Recommended Monthly Visits10,00025,000100,000
Number of Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Advanced BackupNoYes Yes
Free Site TransferNoYesYes
CollaboratorsNoYes Yes
White-Label Client AccessNoNoYes
SuperCacherLevel 1Level 3Level 3

If you need more of an upgrade, check out the Cloud Hosting prices and features:

SiteGround: A Great Option for WordPress Hosting

EntryBusinessBusiness PlusSuper Power
2 CPU Cores3 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores8 CPU Cores
4GB Memory6GB Memory8GB Memory10GB Memory
40GB SSD Space60GB SSD Space80GB SSD Space120GB SSD Space
5TB Data Transfer5TB Data Transfer5TB Data Transfer5TB Data Transfer

If you need even more space and power than the standard options, SiteGround allows you to configure your own cloud with a customizable plan and pricing.

You can also pay for cloud hosting monthly, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a 12-month plan upfront.

Customer Support

From all of the positive reviews we read about SiteGround, their best feature is the customer support they provide. SiteGround has the best customer service reputation, and their team works diligently to maintain that. They even say that their support is the #1 reason why customers love them.

Many hosting companies would say that they have the fastest speeds and the best prices, but SiteGround focuses on providing their customers with the best help 24/7.

The pillars of SiteGround’s support are having a capable support team, a friendly and helpful attitude, and empowering their customers with knowledge.

SiteGround has multiple channels to help clients resolve every issue, and they will recommend what’s best if you run into a problem.

Self-Help Resources: If you want to learn along the way, there are self-help options like a huge library of articles that can answer common questions. In addition, there are smart AI chatbots that can help you solve an issue and eliminate the waiting time for live support.

If you need human support, SiteGround offers a couple of different options that are all available 24/7.

Live Chat: SiteGround’s live chat support team is always available with wait times that are typically short. And they are able to solve around 90% of inquires within a few minutes.

Phone support is also offered 24/7, so if the live chat is busy, you can make a quick phone call.

Helpdesk tickets can be filled out if the issue isn’t resolved quickly. The most knowledgeable techs handle the help desk tickets and you can usually get an answer within 15 minutes.

Overall, we can confidently say that SiteGround provides its customers with excellent support. SiteGround’s quick responses and well-trained employees receive some of the best feedback and raise the standard when it comes to customer support.


In closing, we found that SiteGround is one of the best hosting options available.

Is SiteGround your only option? No.

But, after doing diligent research into the company, we can say that SiteGround is great all around. They provide all of the essentials and offer a ton of value to every customer without costing a fortune. If you’re looking for hosting for the first time we know SiteGround will help you get started, and if you’re switching from a different company, SiteGround will make that process easy.

When you’re ready to signup for your SiteGround plan, click here to get started.

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