Back in May 2018, Google did a rebranding of YouTube Red to YouTube Premium.

Although the benefits remained the same, a new music streaming service YouTube Music Premium (not to be confused with Google Play Music) became part of the package.

In this article, we are going to walk you through whether YouTube Premium is worth your subscription.

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Understanding the YouTube Service Ecosystem

Should You Get YouTube Premium?

Google’s naming scheme is a cause of confusion among users who want to subscribe but are not sure what a particular service brings, so allow us to enlighten you about YouTube’s different services.

YouTube Premium: YouTube’s leading subscription service.

YouTube Music: YouTube’s music streaming service with a dedicated app rivaling Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube Music Premium: YouTube Music’s paid subscription, which allows background music play, downloads, and more features. It also comes bundled with a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube TV: YouTube’s live TV service like Hulu, lets users watch and record live TV, like a cloud-based DVR.

YouTube Kids: An offering for kids, that includes age-appropriate ad-free content.

YouTube Premium Cost & Worth

We think that YouTube Premium’s worth depends on the subscriber. It depends on how the features impact a subscriber and if they can make the most out of the paid service. We give you some points that you need to know before paying upfront for YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium comes with a price tag of $12 a month. Honestly, the pricing seems costly when you compare it with streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon that cost lesser.

You may think that YouTube Premium costs more than other giants, then it must be offering what they don’t, right? Well, the answer is that they are not.

The deal becomes even duller when you compare it with a service like Twitch that offers an ad-free experience and many other cool features at the aggressive pricing of just $5 a month.

What Are YouTube Premium Features?

Should You Get YouTube Premium?

Ad-Free YouTube Videos

Yes, YouTube Premium gives you a permanent break from unwanted ads. But, the same functionality can be used by enabling ad-blocker in your browser without paying a dime. Of course, we don’t promote ad-blockers as they impact the ad revenue of creators. With YouTube Premium, you get the option to get rid of the ad without hampering the revenue.

Stream YouTube Originals

The secondary USP of YouTube Premium lies in YouTube Originals. You can watch compelling YouTube shows produced by YouTube.

Some of the popular YouTube Originals are Cobra Kai, Escape The Night, Impulse, Lazer Team, and more. These series are limited to YouTube Premium subscribers. So, yes, if you are done exploring series on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime, then it is time for you to consider YouTube’s paid service to access fresh and original content.

YouTube Music Comes Free

You get YouTube’s music streaming service known as YouTube Music free with YouTube Premium subscription. This service makes it possible for you to listen YouTube videos’ audio in the background without any ads. It also allows you to download songs for offline use and create a playlist.

Arguably, it is one of the best music streaming services on the market that also has a dedicated app for your smartphone. It offers users access to YouTube’s enormous catalog of music videos, cover songs, and live performances. Users also get personalized recommendations based on their mood, location, and artists.

Among many of the features of YouTube Music, we like the smart search feature that allows users to search for a song by a chunk of lyrics. If you remember only remember a part of the lyrics of a song from an album, then you just need to type that in the search, and YouTube will smartly fetch the correct song for you. Isn’t that a blessing for audiophiles?

Another cool feature here is the functionality to switch between audio and video versions of the song. For users who want to go easy on their data, you just need to enable the data saver feature in the settings menu.

The deal here is that you can buy YouTube Music subscription separately too, but why to pay the same as YouTube Premium when you anyway get YouTube Music free with Premium! This makes for one of the solid reasons why you may want to consider YouTube’s paid service.

Should You Put Your Money on YouTube Premium?

If you don’t mind ads, then don’t go for YouTube Premium. Also, if you are not interested in YouTube Originals, don’t buy a YouTube Premium subscription. YouTube Premium offers plenty of features, but if you are not going to use these features heavily, then it is not worth your money.

However, if you are already paying for a Google Play Music subscription, then we strongly recommend to drop that and go for YouTube Premium instead. You will get better and more significant benefits than Play Music.

If you are still confused about it, then we would suggest you go through the trial subscription once and see for yourself if you utilize the paid version as much as you thought.  One-month will be enough to tell you about your usage, and then you will be able to make a sound decision.

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