Say goodbye to digital distractions and get used to undisturbed ‘deep work’ with the new Serene app, the macOS for laser focus. Soon coming to windows 10, it enables the ever-increasing number of remote workers to maintain a higher level of focus and in turn produce their best possible work. No distractions in just one click.  

Serene is an alternative to the drawn-out process of shutting down apps and distractions one by one. Not only is this time consuming but takes you out of your work ‘zone’.

The focus/planner hybrid app marries everything together into one well designed and easy to use package. It can also be used as a way to track productivity, plan your day, as well as a way to play focus music to cut out any irritating noises when working.

What does it do? 

  • Website blocker
  • App blocker
  • To-do list
  • Day planner
  • Focus music
  • Phone silencer

Key features 

This app utilizes over 12 techniques that enhance your focus and improve productivity, they include:

  • Prompt you to plan your day around one clear goal that matters
  • Break your day into clearly defined intervals of focused work
  • Block access to distracting websites and apps during focus sessions
  • Track your productivity & common distractions
  • Enhance your concentration with focus music

Who made it?

Serene was made in Oxford by creator Marcus Taylor and is part of the Venture Harbour family.

Who is it for?

This app squarely aimed at remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in any field. As the level of people working outside of the office grows, so does the chance of distractions affecting productivity and output. 

What does it cost?

Only $4 per month. 14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required. 

Check out Serene

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