RetentionX home screen

RetentionX is a data science engine that aims to provide you with advanced out-of-the-box data analysis for Shopify. It aims to provide the level of data analysis that would usually take months of manual work by a specialized data science team.

RetentionX is made to work with any transactional database, and not only Shopify, which is just the first integration offered.

Who made it?

RetentionX is from a team headed by Alex Jost, a serial entrepreneur with expertise in building e-commerce companies. He started the development of RetentionX as a native solution for one of his companies and later decided to spawn it off as a separate business.

Who is it for?

RetentionX is for any transactional business, especially e-commerce-based businesses. It aims to help business owners to identify the key aspects of their business that drive value. It also helps users detect leaks by studying the data, and help make better decisions for the business.

Key features 

  • Get Control over your Data — Leverage data, identify growth drivers, and improve customer retention
  • Predictions — Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to forecast up to 6 months of data
  • Segmentation — Create custom segments using our the RX builder, compare charts, predictions, and more
  • Established Buyer Platform — Export charts to PDF and data tables to XLS with the click of a button

What does it cost?

  • Lite — $29 per month, $50 more for companies with >25.000 orders, analyses, reporting
  • Standard — $99 per month, $80 more for companies with >25.000 orders, Lite features, plus segmentation, benchmarking, predictions, and anomaly detection
  • Advanced — $199 per month, $200 more for companies with >25.000 orders, Standard features, plus multiple stores, integrations, automations, and support

What are the makers saying?

“RetentionX is the most sophisticated data science engine which answers questions that existing technology could not answer. All this comes out-of-the-box without the need of any BI or data science specialist.” RetentionX 

What are people saying? 

“Highly recommended! RetentionX really helped me save so much time by providing me the data I really need in order to focus on decision making and further Strategy. The features make it even better!”  Sonja, Category Manager.

Check out RetentionX, now.

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