Resume Builder

Everyone needs a resume, but it can be difficult getting started, and it can be even more challenging editing a pre-existing one. Resume Builder is a great tool for developers that need to optimize their resumes.

Resume Builder allows users to upload their existing resume and have it optimized. Alternatively, they can build a new one from scratch. They can then easily showcase their skills and experience to recruiters so that they can land their next job.

Who Made It?

Resume Builder was made by Weiting Liu. She is a tech developer that lives in Silicon Valley. Resume Builder is a tool that was built under her larger company, Arc.

Who Is It For?

Resume Builder is primarily for people in the tech industry that need help building a new resume or adjusting a current one. There are also tips for people that work as developers on how to write their resumes and what to include.

That being said, Resume Builder can be used by people in all industries. The tips will not be as helpful as they are to developers, but they can still help you build your resume.

Key Features

  • Resume Uploading – Users are able to upload their resumes. The tool then handles the formatting and auto-fill content from the uploaded resume.
  • Expert Tips – Additionally, users will receive expert tips from developers around the world. They will teach young developers what they need to put on their resumes, what employers are looking for, and what mistakes to avoid.
  • Resume Templates – Resume Builder provides a variety of templates for users to choose from. These templates can be used with ease to help users input their information and build a great resume.
  • ATS Friendly – Many tech companies use software to scan resumes, and as a result, it is important for your resume to be ATS friendly. Fortunately, Resume Builder templates are designed to be easy for ATS to read.

What Does It Cost?

Resume Builder is completely free to use, meaning that anyone can use it and at any time. There are no restrictions, conditions, or limitations on who can use Resume Builder. As a result, there is no reason not to give it a try.

What Are the Makers Saying?

“We all know that recruiters only have a short amount of time to view each resume. Job-hunting developers need to present their information as clearly as possible to capture attention — and make it past keyword scanning software. But it’s hard to know what format you should use or which information is most important to recruiters. Today, my team and I are excited to share our free-to-use developer Resume Builder built by the team at Arc, we’ve drawn on our real-world expertise helping developers all around the world land remote jobs.” Weiting Liu, CEO, and Founder of Arc

What Are People Saying?

“Not a bad builder and the template is really nice. On this, the ability to edit the text directly will really be beneficial for the user. Having the preview be an image is tough.” Jacob Jacquet, CEO at Rezi

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