Remake 2.0 is an open-source framework that lets users turn HTML and CSS into a complete web app quickly. Remake wants to depart from the so-called “best practices” of web development and simplify web development for everybody.

Remake 2.0 promises to let users turn their design into a working web app in 30 minutes.

Who made it?

Remake 2.0 comes from the Remake team, headed by Founder David Miranda. He is a designer and serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience launching startups. Miranda made Remake 2.0 because he was frustrated with how long it takes for a design to become a working product.

Who is it for?

Remake 2.0 is for anybody looking to turn their HTML/CSS design into a web app. It’s made as a loophole to skip the steps in the long process that occurs between design and usable product. It promises instant deployments and minimal effort.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Open Source — Free, open-source, community support, no included hosting
  • Startup —  $29 per month, hosting for 5 web apps, custom domain support, priority support
  • Founder’s Plan —  $99 one-time, 1 year of Startup plan, priority support, lifetime 20% discount, and future access to online IDE and Remake’s private community

What are the makers saying?

“Remake is a departure from accepted best practices, which try to convince you that “Web development is complex — and if it’s not, it’s not real web development.” Remake goes in the opposite direction: It shouldn’t matter how hard it is to build something — all that matters is if you help your users succeed.” David Miranda, Founder, Remake

What are people saying? 

“Remake takes things that were once tedious and complicated, and makes them very simple. It’s a time saver. It’s easy to learn and implement even for non-developers. The future of web app creation seems to be dawning.” Kevin Graham, CTO, DO YOUR UX LLC.

Check out Remake 2.0, now. 

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