Ratio 4 is an Android home screen with a focus on reducing distractions. It declutters your home screen, narrowing down the focus to the core essential functionality. It’s an Android launcher that aims at changing the future of mobile UX. It puts all the necessary functionality into three screens.

Ratio 4 wants to help people use their phone less, but without the compromises.

Who made it?

Ratio 4 comes from team Blloc. Blloc has made multiple Android launchers with different home screen experiences. It has also made multiple versions of Ratio itself before, which have been heavily featured by YouTubers and reviewers. Ratio 4 is the latest major update, launched on the 4th anniversary of Blloc.

Who is it for?

Ratio 4 is for anybody that wants to reduce distractions on their Android phone. People that use their phones for work and want to avoid all possible distractions and needless clutter can benefit from the streamlining that Ratio 4 aims to bring to Android home screens.

Key features 

  • Tree — Messaging “super app” that bring together conversations from multiple messaging apps including Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger
  • Root — All essential functionality integrated into one screen, including calendar, news, notes, weather, calculator, settings, and more
  • Tiles — Apps organized into categories with easy to access tiles
  • Tags — Create groups of contacts across multiple platforms/apps, with custom notifications per group
  • Security — Information stored locally, limited permissions, and fully encrypted data storage
  • Modes — Light mode, dark mode, and sun mode to help users match their home screen to their environment

What does it cost?

Ratio 4 is currently available for free on the Google Play Store, with options for in-app purchases.

What are the makers saying?

“As long-standing iOS users we saw an opportunity in the flexibility of Android to build the perfect mobile experience: a clean UI, no distraction, no time wasted, and getting stuff done fast.” Adham Badr, Co-Founder, Blloc

What are people saying? 

“Blloc and Ratio as a product is an incredibly sophisticated, innovative take on how to use something as rudimentary as a phone. It’s fresh, interesting-looking and has a great support system should you need it.

As an avid android user constantly on the lookout for new ways to challenge my phone both visually and systematically, Ratio has everything I wanted.”  Amir Gal Philos, Copywriter, and Journalist.

Check out Ratio 4, now.

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