nuTab is a browser extension for Google Chrome that changes the new tab page into a space that can help users organize their thoughts. It is a tool that converts the empty space in a new tab page into a notetaking app, with a variety of rich features. nuTab is a feature-packed notetaking app that fully integrates within Google Chrome.

nuTab also keeps the new tab page suggestions and favorites feature from Chrome, rather than fully replacing it. 

Who made it?

nuTab is made by Tomáš Vestenický, founder of the popular customer feedback management platform, FeedBear. It’s a passion project from him that came to be because of his search for the perfect new tab page.

Who is it for?

nuTab is for anybody that works a lot in Google Chrome and needs an organization app. nuTab offers the advantage of being integrated into an unused space within the Google Chrome browser, rather than requiring the user to download a dedicated app. It aims at making the best use of the precious real estate that is the new tab page. A version for Mozilla Firefox users is also in the works.

Key features 

  • Rich Text Formatting — Markdown, keyboard shortcuts, and inline controls to ensure you get the full formatting power of a notetaking app
  • Privacy — Data is only saved locally, on your machine
  • Export — Download a markdown of your notes to have a backup without online syncing
  • Favorite links — Save your favorite sites, just like the new tab page lets you by default
  • Dark and Light mode — Switch between dark and light themes as per your liking
  • Blazing fast — Optimized to match the speed of a new tab opening

What does it cost?

nuTab is completely free to use and is available on the Google Chrome Store. You can buy the founder a coffee if you like using nuTab. 

What are the makers saying?

“nuTab is the place for your notes, drafts and todos where you won’t ever forget them. With just the right amount of flexibility, nuTab offers everything you need to be truly productive.” nuTab

What are people saying? 

“Like the little child of Notion in browser – love it! So simple yet so helpful – these are usually the best ideas.”  Ole Besendahl, CEO & Founder of 5AM

Take a look at nuTab, now.

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