Newton Mail 2.0 is the new major update to Newton Mail, a very popular email client that got shut down. Newton Mail was phased out earlier this year due to its parent company shutting down. However, under new management now, the mail service is back with a fresh new major update: Newton Mail 2.0.

Newton Mail 2.0 has all the features of the original version, with new optimizations and additional features. 

Who made it?

Newton Mail has had quite a few owners over its lifetime. Newton Mail 2.0 comes from Justin Mitchell, founder of the SoFriendly design agency, and the messaging app called Yac, and Maitrik Kataria, product designer at software development firm, Simform. The two are fans of Newton Mail that decided to revive it.

Who is it for?

Newton Mail 2.0 is for those looking for a premium email service. It is for users that want a modern email service, and a looking to move away from traditional email services like Gmail. It promises a decluttered inbox and a host of other modern email features, at a relatively lower price.

Key features

  • Read Receipts — Know when your email is read with in-built read receipt system
  • Recap — Automatically get unresolved conversations at the top of your inbox so you can continue them
  • Tidy Inbox — Focus on important emails with a distraction-free inbox
  • Connected Apps — Easy integrations with apps and services like Evernote, Zendesk, Asana, Trello, OneNote, Salesforce and Pocket
  • Snooze — Temporarily remove a conversation from your inbox to access it later
  • Send Later — Schedule emails in advance to have them sent at the right time
  • Dark Mode — The new update brings in true dark mode across all platforms

What does it cost?

Newton Mail has a single payment tier, costing $49.99 per year.

What are the makers saying?

“Maitrik and I have been long time Newton fans and are super excited to launch this major update under our new ownership. We’ve completely re-written the Windows app, added Dark Mode, fixed hundreds of bugs and optimized the s*** out of this app. We know some of you might not even know Newton never shut down, so this launch is a chance for us to show you what we’ve been doing since we acquired it in April.“ Justin Mitchell, Co-owner, Newton Mail

What are people saying? 

“Paid for this product for years and jumped on it as soon as I saw it had been resurrected…. Again. I’ve used Superhuman for 6 months, I tried… Newton is hands down the best email client out there. LOVE. IT.”  Primer, Founder, Division 77

Check out Newton Mail 2,0, now.

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