MicroAcquire is a startup acquisition marketplace where interested parties can sell their startup companies to the right people. It has portals for startup sellers, as well as startup buyers, with the choice to pinpoint requirements to help find the best possible deal with convenience.

MicroAcquire works with startups that have an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of less than $500,000, to help them meet their goals with an acquisition.

Who made it?

MicroAcquire is the brainchild of Andrew Gazdecki, an entrepreneur, mentor. He started MicroAcquire after having sold two businesses himself, with the aim of making the process simpler for other startup-owners.

Who is it for?

MicroAcquire is for startups, with annual recurring revenue (ARR) of less than $500,000, that are looking to sell the business. It’s also designed for serial entrepreneurs looking to purchase new small companies with the intention of growing them. It aims to reduce the hassle of buying/selling a startup and is designed for exactly that.

Key features 

What does it cost?

  • Free — Completely free for sellers and buyers with the basic set of features
  • Premium — $290 per year for serious buyers, with email notifications

The Premium tier helps MicroAcquire operate without taking commissions from buyers and sellers.

What are the makers saying?

“I decided to help other founders – no matter how small their business – build the right relationships to take their entrepreneurial career to the next level. The result is MicroAcquire.“ Andrew Gazdecki, CEO, MicroAcquire

What are people saying? 

“MicroAcquire is hands down the best platform for selling your startup. After listing Steerio we had over 50+ serious buyers reach out to us. We could not have expected such a strong response from so many buyers so quickly but it helped us find a new home for our startup. If you’re considering selling your company I highly recommend MicroAcquire.”  Nicolas Bresson-Déodat, Co-Founder and CEO, Steerio

Check out MicroAcquire, now.

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