Mega Forms is an advanced contact form builder for WordPress. It has a simple and flexible drag and drop editor, with no coding or technical skills required. Mega Forms aims to appeal to all kinds of users, providing advanced capabilities while staying user friendly.

It’s both developer-friendly, as well as beginner-friendly.

Who made it?

Mega Forms is from Ali Khallad, a full stack developer with a ton of experience in web development. He has made it all by himself. He says that Mega Forms took him two years to develop.

Who is it for?

Mega Forms is advanced, yet easy to use, making it an option for anybody looking to add a contact form to their WordPress website. The creator of Mega Forms says that he built it with developers in mind. It offers a lot of customizations.

Key features 

  • Intuitive user interface — Easy to use and customize, drag & drop form builder
  • Tons of free field types and full control — Options for free field types, including text, select, radio, checkboxes, and more, with full control
  • Optimized for speed & performance — Under-the-hood optimizations to ensure no load time delays to your WordPress website
  • Regular updates & dedicated support — Customer service support offered to help with any potential issues
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly — Responsive and ready for cross-platform use
  • Unlimited forms & form submission — No preset limits on usage for forms and form submissions
  • Export and import forms — Move forms in and out of Mega Forms
  • Customizable templates — Preset templates to help you get a form ready to go quickly
  • Highly effective Anti-spam system — In-built spam protection that is invisible to users

What does it cost?

Mega Forms is fully free to use as a WordPress plugin.

What are the makers saying?

“My goal was to make creating forms, sending notifications and managing entries on WordPress easier than ever.

Again we’ve just started, we have a long list of features coming soon and we’ll be making this plugin even more awesome.” Ali Khallad, Creator, Mega Forms.

What are people saying? 

“I think it is a useful plugin and we’ll wait for more features. Due to the WordPress Hook, I think it is good to explain it in your plugin page or URL to let the users know how to use it”  Ahmad Al Hariri.

Check out Mega Forms, now.

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