FlexClip is a simple tool that can be used to create simple yet powerful videos with ease. It enables users to create marketing videos and family stories in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, people who use FlexClip will find that they are able to make their videos more engaging with diverse dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated design elements.

Who Made It?

FlexClip was created by Lin Xiao, the Chief Executive Officer of PearlMountain. PearlMountain is a dedicated Graphics and Multimedia software development company that was established in 2016. 

Who Is It For?

FlexClip is a product that is designed for anyone that wants to make videos that does not have a lot of prior experience in the aforementioned area. Additionally, it has user friendly tools that make professional video production possible for everyone. 

Furthermore, FlexClip is used by millions of people around the world that have a love for video creation, and business. Additionally, with the product, users will get access to over 4,000,000 royalty-free music, high-quality videos, and photos in FlexClip’s vast media library.

Key Features

  • Rich Animated Elements – All users will be able to make their videos more engaging with diverse dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated design elements.
  • Royalty-Free Stock Media – Get access to royalty-free stock media in a vast media library.
  • Easy to Use Video Editor – FlexClip’s video editor has an intuitive interface that makes it possible for everyone to create video quickly and easily with no video editing experience required.
  • Screen Recorder – Capture your screen to record meetings, games, and video tutorials with one click.
  • Slideshow Maker – Combine photos in a slideshow with music with ease.
  • Movie Maker – Make stunning movies for businesses, festivals, special events, and social media platforms.

What Does It Cost?

FlexClip also has four major payment plans, one of which is a free option for new users.

  • Free – $0. 480p SD downloads, 1 stock video per project, maximum 12 projects, and videos of up to 1 minute.
  • Basic – $5.99 per month. 720p HD downloads, unlimited projects online, video length up to 3 minutes, custom watermark, no FlexClip intro, and 10 GB of Cloud Space.
  • Plus – $9.99 per month. 1080p full HD downloads, 5 stock videos per project, videos up to 10 minutes, and 30 GB of Cloud Space.
  • Business – $19.99 per month. Unlimited stock videos per project, videos up to 30 minutes, and 100 GB of Cloud Space.

What Are the Makers Saying?

“Not everyone needs to be a robust video editor or a video designer to create a nice video. FlexClip satisfies the ever increasing demand people have for quality video creation that doesn’t break the bank and lets everyone design stunning work in an effortless way.” Lin Xiao, FlexClip CEO

What Are People Saying?

“Video is the biggest thing these days but it is so time-consuming. FlexClip takes that out of the equation and makes it super easy to get going and be creative.” Janel Baker, FlexClip Client

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