The design process can develop into a long and drawn-out affair. Ideas have to be presented to developers, management, copywriters, and your fellow designers. The design process is naturally iterative where a stream of constant edits and changes need to be made depending on results.

But what if there was a faster solution than the traditional applications of design prototyping such as Sketch and Figma? Introducing Inspireframe.

What is it?

Marketed as ‘fast and easy prototyping for everyone’, Inspireframe just made website design brainstorming easy, and communicating those ideas even easier.

Essentially, Inspireframe is a tool to facilitate brainstorming ideas for landing pages using an intuitive UI and logical drag and drop, block-like functionality systems to smooth out the process.

Who made it?

Inspireframe was developed by one man, Danny Postma. He previously collected all his best design inspiration on a site called but found that it had its problems.

What does it do?

Visualize before you build. Inspireframe provides a resource wealth of pre-clipped landing page and website elements and components. No design skills needed here, just an experimental mentality. What amounts to millions of possibilities, Inspireframe helps communicate your vision and share your design with team members, investors, and designers. When it’s finished, easily export your prototype with a single click, download, and share.

Who is it for?

Designers – This tool will be a big aid in prototyping ideas faster

Marketers – Better communication of your unique vision without confusion

Developers –  Cuts out the lengthy Sketch/Figma design time

Key features

  • Thousands of components in 40 different categories including logos, newsletters, popups, pricing, and products
  • No design skills required, simply drag and drop your prototypes
  • Tiny learning curve
  • Takes only a few minutes to make a prototype; perfect for iterative design
  • Unlimited projects

What does it cost?

You can try out Inspireframe for free but to access the full raft of features there is a subscription cost.

Monthly Subscription – $14.99. This gets you unlimited projects, access to thousands of unique components, and the ability to export and share your designs instantly.

Yearly Subscription – $89. You get six months free with this package as well as unlimited projects and all the benefits of the monthly package, just at a discounted price.

What are the makers saying?

“Millions of possibilities, no design skills needed
Simply drag-and-drop to create your prototypes. Fast and easy. No design skills needed.” Inspireframe

What are people saying about it?

“Very cool app for prototyping high converting landing pages. Easy to use, it enables you to materialize a landing page idea in a few minutes.” Lucian Tartea

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