Hotjar is a tool that allows you to map out Heatmaps and recordings of your website so that you can find out exactly how users are using your site.

Sure, Hotjar doesn’t win any accolades for having a self-explanatory name, but that doesn’t take anything away from what its capabilities. Essentially, it sits as a tracking tool on your site; so just like Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking code, Hotjar can link up to your site (after you have verified it using a specific code) and track what happens on it.

You will be able to monitor visitors on your site. You can see if they are scrolling all the way down on your pages, where their mouse is hovering over, plus other in-depth analytics and statistics of how people are using your website.

From there, Hotjar will either give you beautiful Heatmap drawings so that you can visualize what your traffic looks like, or it will give you a natural recording of the events so that you can see how people are clicking through, how long they are pausing on certain elements and more. You can essentially watch exactly how people are using your site.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Hotjar also lets you add funnels so that you can specifically view what the traffic flow is like from your homepage, landing page, and throughout your site, and it does this with very nice visual mappings.

If you are a marketer or a business owner, Hotjar could really be incredible for your business, especially if you run an eCommerce business where you are selling products online, or even if you are selling a specific service where people have to opt-in. It will give you an idea of how people are viewing the content on that page.

You need detailed insights

It will be nearly impossible to implement all tools you come across in your business. I’m with you on that, but Hotjar is different because it runs in the background. When you want to evaluate the statistics, you can easily login at any time to do so. This is unlike Google Analytics where there’s a lot of pressure to constantly analyze your account.

Now, let’s get you committed to the process. Imagine a page in your head. It could be the homepage for your master brand or a specific sales page for a product that you’ve got. Think about what you want to achieve. Do you have a sort of inkling that you are not getting as many sales as you should? Or do you feel like your users don’t like a certain type of graphics, or they’re stopping reading at a certain point on a page, but you can’t put your finger on it? You need to imagine a specific scenario for your business before you get started.

Hotjar is great because you can just log in and check on this in a month or a week’s time without much pressure. What you could also do is to carve out a bit of time every month to log in, review the statisatics, and set another goal for the next month around a specific conversion or around fixing a specific part of the page.

Commit to it and make sure you have a system in place for continual monitoring.

Hotjar setup process

To get started, go to Hotjar’s website and click on ‘pricing’. It will automatically take you to the business plan page, but I’d advise you to go for the personal plan, to begin with. This plan is free forever, so you can collect up to 2000 page views a day, which to me is ideal for most small and medium businesses that are starting out in cloud technology. Although this plan gives limited reports, you’ll still have access to unlimited users and sites for one year. Surely, this will be more than enough to test it out.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

They also offer a low price plan at $29 per month where you can upgrade to get some of the pro features and functionality, including additional page views. If you work it out to be on an annual basis, then it’s not that expensive, but you will want to make sure that you are ready to upgrade the plan.

Click ‘start now’ or ‘try it’ depending on your choice. You can sign up by filling your name and email address or sign up with your Google account. Follow the prompt until you arrive on the password page, then set your password. You will be asked to customize your account. Just select a few information about yourself and your website and you are set.

To verify your website with your account, you will have to prove to Hotjar that you are the absolute owner of the site. You can do that by copying the tracking code from your account and pasting it directly on your website just as you’d do with a Facebook pixel.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Click the verify button for confirmation.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors


Hotjar is not an alternative to Google Analytics, but it will give you in-depth information about how people use your site. In the past, you had to rely on a bunch of different tools like Crazy Egg, Clicktale, and SurveyMonkey to test your site, but Hotjar does a really good job at delivering all you need in a nifty tool, that’s easy to use.


Heatmaps Analytics is probably the most important tool that you will need to have on all your websites. It will show you the number of clicks recorded and gives you an idea in where the clicks are going in a visual format. You will also see how far visitors are scrolling down on your page and where exactly they are clicking. You can download a copy of the Heatmap in a full-page screen capture, which is great for presenting to clients or other members of your team.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Visitors recording

The recordings feature shows you what the entry and exit pages are. It tells you the open and ends part of the funnel. For example, it will tell you if a visitor comes in through your homepage and exits through your contact page. You will also see the amount of time they spend on the page and the total number of pages visited. It opens up as if you are in a movie theatre and you are getting to see exactly how people are using your site. You will hear a sound when there’s a click or a popup. It will give you a clear indication of what people are doing on your site.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Conversion funnels

Hotjar’s conversion funnel will give you much better graphics than Google Analytics and it’s easier to use too. You can add funnels by putting specific steps and loading in the URL. For example, you can set how your user goes from the SignUp page to the Thank You page.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Form analysis

The form analysis enables you to see exactly where visitors are dropping off. Of course, you can do that with recordings, but you won’t get the exact data. For example, if you want to test things on your SignUp page, create a new entry, and add your website’s SignUp URL and save. It will pull up all the information on the page and allow you to track it.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Feedback polls and surveys

The feedback polls can be customized. You can do incoming feedback systems on your website, and add polls and surveys. Once you build your polls and surveys natively, they will show as pop-ups on your site.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Sharing with your team and developer

Hotjar offers an easy way to add team members to your project. Underneath the organization tab, go to ‘users’. Then, click on ‘invite users’ under the project you want to work on, add your users, and give them specific access. You can customize your Hotjar welcome message and send out the invite.

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors

Hotjar: Get Heatmaps and Detailed Insights Into Your Website Visitors


Hotjar’s standout features make it one of the most popular tools in the industry. Apart from the Analytics side of things, which I feel Hotjar can do more to offer deeper insights like in Google Analytics, the tool’s incredible capabilities, especially its interactive Heatmaps and visual recording makes it well equipped to optimize your web pages for conversion.

If you are not sold yet, remember that there is a free option that you can start off with that gives you a ton of data, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading to a paid version just yet.

Check out Hotjar here

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